Best Fall Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you probably know that fall is my absolute favorite season! I look forward to it every year and welcome it with open arms! It’s the time of year where I finally feel some relief after enduring the intense Texas sun. Oh, and did I mention the amazing fashions and colors that fall brings?

Each fall brings amazingly bold and rich colors and this year is no exception! First, there are the beautiful jewel tones such as plum, rust and teal. I love the depth of richness these colors bring to my closet and for me, it’s a true sign that fall is coming.

But this fall also brings fantastic earth tones like ochre, tobacco and mustard. And while yes, for all intents and purposes you can say these colors are burnt orange, deep brown and dark yellow but don’t the other names just sound better? I love the warmth that these colors bring to any look.

And finally, we have what I call the bright colors. Yes, you read right, I did say bright colors are super on-trend this fall. Usually reserved for spring and summer, these colors are sticking around for another season.

So with all these beautiful colors, how to successfully incorporate them into your look can sometimes feel complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The easiest way to start off is by thinking small then work from there. These colors don’t have to be your whole outfit but instead, see them as your pop of color. For the following looks, I started off with a pretty neutral base of closet staples and with a little help from Walmart, added from there. Have you checked out all of the fall styles at Walmart yet? They have everything from leopard and snake print to all of the latest color trends at awesome prices! Below are the colors of fall 2019 with some easy ways you can incorporate them into your closet and into your look!

Gray Top + Dark Wash Denim + Metallic Shoes + Hoop Earrings + Black Purse

The easiest way to take this simple look and make it fall fabulous is by swapping out the gray top for your fall pop of color. Any of the below tops pair perfectly with this combination.

Fall Color Top + Dark Wash Denim + Metallic Shoes + Hoop Earrings + Black Purse



Swapping out the metallic shoes for a cute pair of fall color flats or boots is also a super simple way to incorporate your fall colors. Check out these other options below!

Gray Top + Dark Wash Denim + Fall Color Shoes + Hoop Earrings + Black Purse


Another great way to add some color to your look is with a top layer, either a jacket, vest or cardigan. Below are some beautiful pieces that would make an excellent addition to any closet!

Fall Color Cardigan + Gray Top + Dark Wash Denim + Metallic Shoes + Hoop Earrings + Black Purse


Fall Color Jacket + Gray Top + Dark Wash Denim + Metallic Shoes + Hoop Earrings + Black Purse


Big thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post and making it easy to feel trendy and stylish this fall!