BHRT Update: 4 Years Later

About a year ago I shared my experience with BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) and the response was enormous. To this day I still get messages about it and it’s the most watched video on my YouTube channel.

If you missed that video and want to get caught up you can check it out here. This video covers why I started looking in to hormone replacement therapy in the first place (spoiler alert: I had ZERO sex drive), the process of getting a pellet implanted, the cost of treatment, the changes I noticed, and the side effects.

Since I continue to get questions about BHRT I thought it might be helpful to share the latest update on my journey with hormone replacement therapy. Before we dive in let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. I am not a doctor, I am simply sharing my own personal experience. Please consult a medical professional and do your own research to decide if this might be right for you.

I’ve heard from many GYPO readers that starting BHRT has been life changing for them and I 100% agree with that statement personally as well. Within two weeks of starting treatment I felt more positive, had more energy, it was easier to build muscle, and I burned fat easier. Initially I gained a little bit of weight after my first and second pellet thanks to fluid retention but even that side effect has gone away. And thankfully, my sex drive returned. Watch my weekly Coffee Chat video below for more details on that vulnerable revelation.

Thankfully the long-term side effects of BHRT have been minimal for me and are things I can deal with for the most part. I’m only doing testosterone replacement for the time being so can’t speak to the side effects of estrogen or progesterone. In the beginning the main side effect I experienced from testosterone was feeling irritable and agitated. It has lessened significantly over time and honestly, I don’t really experience that any longer. If you are new to BHRT be aware that it is a common side effect.

The more problematic side effects that I continue to experience are hormonal breakouts on my chin, neck, and upper back as well as some unwanted hair growth on my chin. I talked to my doctor who recommended I take an androgen blocker (Spironolactone), which I am taking now, and that has helped reduce my breakouts and unwanted hair growth. Some women do experience hair loss when taking BHRT and androgen blockers can also be helpful to resolve this side effect. Overall these side effects have been minimal for me and are not a deal breaker for doing BHRT.

After 4 years, not a lot has changed. I don’t get the same big uplift after a new pellet that I did in the beginning because my hormones are more regulated and consistent and most of the side effects I experienced in the beginning of treatment are no longer an issue. I have no plans to stop doing pellet therapy and the benefits of treatment have far outweighed any side effects I’ve experienced.

Always advocate for your health. If something doesn’t feel right or is affecting your quality of life keep pushing for solutions and looking answers. If your doctor is dismissive or is blaming a problem on something else when you know in your gut that isn’t what is truly going on then continue pushing. Go to a different doctor, look for other solutions, and don’t settle for answers that you know aren’t right. There is a solution out there and this is too important not to keep searching for it.

The pellet I use is from BioTE Medical. I am not affiliated with them in any way, this is just the product I use. You can visit their website at to find a provider near you or take their wellness quiz to see if BHRT might be right for you.