Cardigans – Not Your Grandmother’s Sweater, or Is It?

By Jessica Pigza

Sometimes the word “cardigan” evokes the stereotype that they are only for our beautifully aged grandmothers or the preppy girls from almost every 80s movie. The cardigan, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a knitted sweater fastening down the front, typically with long sleeves.” The cardigan is a classic, but does not always elicit a feeling of trendiness. However, if you type cardigan into a Pinterest search, you will be bombarded with hundreds of images of cardigans! You will see cardigans of all different colors and styles, with buttons and without, and they not only look gorgeous, but current as well. The reality is that this should not be a surprise. If ladies everywhere are redefining what a grandmother should look and act like, then aren’t they also redefining what it means to rock a cardigan?

Take my mother for example. She is an amazing wife, mother and grandmother. As she has gotten older, she has developed her style and dare I say, she is more stylish than I. One of my absolute favorite things is to go shopping with her and my younger sister. Although we are all different ages and in different stages of life, we can all appreciate a good article of clothing and how it makes us feel. It is not unheard of for all three of us to purchase the same item and style it in our own unique way. And that is what I’ve discovered about the cardigan, it’s all in how you style it. That is why the cardigan is here to stay, it is classic, yet ever evolving.

Below are some of my favorite cardigans that, like grandmothers today, are keeping it classy and redefining the rules!

 1. The Cocoon Cardigan

Cocoon Cardigan in Berry

Cocoon Cardigan in Black

2. Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan

Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan in Dark Gray

One-Button Wrap Cardigan in Dark Heather Purple 

3. Waterfall Cardigan

Waterfall Cardigan in Olive Green

Ruffled Waterfall Cardigan in Purple

Striped Waterfall Cardigan in Blush and Gray

4. The Long Cardigan

Long Cardigan in Green

Long Ruffled Sleeve Cardigan

Plush Boyfriend Cardigan in Pine

5. The Classic Cardigan

Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan in Heather Oatmeal

Classic Cardigan in Rust

What is your favorite go-to Cardigan Style? How do you like to wear it?
About Jessica

Jessica is a military wife, married to her husband Nate of 14 years, and stay at home mother to three energetic and fearless children, Sophia, Brandon and Rachel. Originally from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the military life has given her a chance to live all over the United States and meet many amazing people along the way.