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Casual Chic Outfit Basics | The Ultimate White Jeans Guide

Without a doubt, the best ideas always come from readers.  I mean, you guys are brilliant!  When I get several requests for the same post idea, I know it’s going to be a winner.

A few weeks ago, that happened.  In the same day, I got a lot of requests for a post dedicated to white jeans.  You asked me to find the best brands and how to pair them up – and you want a pair with good “coverage” on your derriere without any show-through.  Yes!  That’s very important to me too.  🙂

Let’s kick things off with this great question from a sweet reader, Ashley:

I’m wondering when is the appropriate time to start wearing white jeans.  Maybe you could weigh in on that in your white jeans post?

Well my answer might surprise you – and I’m sure to get a little flack and push back on this – but the right time for white jeans is ALL the time.  The old style rules no longer apply, white jeans look fresh any time of the year.  But if you don’t believe me, then check out this case I’ve built for wearing white jeans year-round.

White Jeans for All Seasons


white-jeans-outfits-winter [1/2/3]


white-jeans-spring [1/2/3]


white-jeans-outfit-summer [1/2]


white-jeans-for-fall [1/2]

Here are some ways I’ve paired mine up throughout the past year.

alison-white-jeans-outfits OK, so now that you’re (hopefully) convinced that there’s not a wrong time to wear them, let’s get to some shopping options.  I spent two days this past week trying on every pair of white jeans I could find in Dallas to find the perfect pair and I’m pretty sure I succeeded.  Most of my reviews are for skinny jeans because that’s all I could find in white.  The stores didn’t seem to be fully stocked up for spring and summer yet.  But I did get a pretty good sampling to share with all of you, so let’s get down to business.

white-jeans-guide-2014 The White Jeans Face Off

Each pair of jeans I tried on was evaluated on three criteria Fit, Coverage and Price.

Fit – True to size or not.  I wear a 27 in almost every brand of jeans and expect to be able to walk into a store or order them online and have my regular size fit.  In some brands though, I had to go up or down a size for a good fit.

Coverage – a.k.a Thickness of the denim.  Many of you expressed frustration over white jeans not providing enough coverage, especially on the backside.

Price – Low End are up to $50, Mid-Range are $50-$100 and High End are $100+

Overall Score – On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, this is my overall rating for each pair.

Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that these are only my opinions.  What works for me (or doesn’t) may be totally different for you. Every woman has a different body and we all have our own criteria for what makes a great pair of jeans.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Skinny [Banana Republic:  White Skinny Jean]

This pair of jeans didn’t start the day off very well.  The fit could only be described as weird.  They were too tight through the hips but too big at the waist.  The material was very thin (lots of pocket show through in the front) and they were WAY overpriced for the quality.  Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t dig them – the ratings weren’t that great online either.

Fit:  Too small in the hips, too large in the waist.

Coverage:  Too Thin

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  5

They left me feeling like this.


And singing this.  🙂

I’ll bet you’ll have that song in your head the rest of the day.

Old Navy

Old Navy Diva [Old Navy:  The Diva]

Store two, strike two.  Again, way too thin (check out those pockets in the front).  I know that Banana Republic and Old Navy are owned by the same company so maybe they use the same denim.  I’m not a fan of distressing either and all of their white jeans in store were distressed.  Also, I’ve never been able to find the right fit in Old Navy’s jeans.  If I buy my regular size, they are too tight but if I go up a size they are too big.  I should’ve tried some of their other fits like the Sweetheart or the Flirt but they were all made of the same denim which was already a deal breaker.

Fit:  Too small, sizing up didn’t help.  Next size up was too large.

Coverage:  Too Thin

Price:  Low End

Overall Score:  3


Target High Waist Skinny [Mossimo:  High Waist Skinny Jeans]

These jeans got nicknamed the “Moon Jeans” because of their lack of coverage and subsequent display of every “crater” on my backside!  Needless to say, this was the worst of the bunch which was really disappointing.  My favorite pair of white ankle jeans are from Target.  I bought them last year, unfortunately they changed them up.

Fit:  True to size.

Coverage:  Worst of the worst.

Price:  Low End

Overall Score:  1


Loft Skinny [Loft:  Curvy Skinny]

Loft Modern Skinny [Loft:  Ankle Skinny]

Loft Curvy Skinny [Loft:  Modern Skinny]

Loft Modern Straight [Loft:  Modern Straight]

Loft turned the day around for me.  Hallelujah!  I tried on several pairs and loved them all, including my favorite above – the Modern Straight.  I wasn’t even going to try the straight on but the associate insisted.  I’m so glad she did!

Fit:  Runs large, I went down a size in all of them.  They fit perfectly in the next size down.

Coverage:  Great, good thickness.

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  8


It’s true…you get what you pay for and with white jeans this was definitely the case.  Every single pair of jeans at Nordstrom had incredible coverage and the fit was almost spot on every time.

J. Brand

j-brand-white-jeans [J. Brand ‘Rail’ Skinny Jeans]

I liked that these have a higher waist.  It’s nice to bend down in a pair of jeans and not worry about exposure on the backside.  The denim had great coverage but it was nice and soft too.

Fit:  True to size.

Coverage:  Perfect thickness.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  8

Paige Denim

paige-white-jeans [Paige ‘Skyline’ Skinny Jeans]

I’m a huge fan of Paige jeans.  They just fit me so well, so I knew I would love these.  My only disappointment is that they seem to run a little smaller in white than they do in my regular dark wash Skyline skinny jeans.

Fit:  A little on the small side, I should’ve gone up a size.

Coverage:  Perfect thickness.  Good quality denim.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  9


hudson-white-jeans [Hudson Jeans ‘Collette’ Skinny Jeans]

These jeans fit more like a jegging.  They were super soft and comfortable and the coverage was great, especially for a jegging, but I wanted something that felt more like denim.

Fit:  True to Size.

Coverage:  Good, especially for a jegging.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  7

Kut from the Kloth

kut-from-the-cloth-white-jeans-mia [Kut from the Kloth ‘Mia’]

Kut from the Kloth got two entries in the white jeans face off.  Their jeans just fit my body type really well.  I have a pair of the Mia jeans in mint and love them but the white seemed to run a little tighter.

Fit:  A little small.  I went up a size but they were still really tight on my calves.  My sisters and I joke that we don’t have calves, we have cows!

Coverage:  Great!  One of the thickest brands I tried.

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  8

kut-from-the-kloth-brigitte [Kut from the Kloth ‘Brigitte’]

I liked the Brigitte better than the Mia.  The fit was a little nicer, they didn’t squeeze my calves to death.  Although I’m not a fan of the distressing.  There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my thing.

Fit:  A little small.  I went up a size.

Coverage:  Great!  One of the thickest brands I tried.

Price:  Mid-Range

Overall Score:  8

Citizens of Humanity

citizens-of-humanity-white-jeans [Citizens of Humanity Skinny Ankle Jeans]

Have you ever slipped on a pair of jeans and just knew they were “The One”?  I fell hard in love.  Darn me and my expensive tastes!  This picture does NOT do them justice but this pair of jeans surpassed my expectations in every possible way.  They sit just right on my hips and the ankle length is perfect for flip flops, sandals and wedges.  They held me in in all the right places too, especially on the backside.  🙂

Fit:  True to size.

Coverage:  Perfect thickness.

Price:  High End

Overall Score:  10

The Winners:

Low End (Under $50) – None

The biggest disappointment was not being able to find a decent quality pair at the low end.  Last year I had luck at Target but no dice this time around.  There should be more options as we get closer to warmer weather.  If any of you have found a great pair in this category, please tell us about them in the comments!  The good thing is, even if you do have to spend a little more, once you have a perfect pair of white jeans, you won’t need another pair for awhile.  They are worth it on a cost per wear basis.

Mid-Range ($50-$100)

Loft – The Modern Straight

Loft Modern Straight [Loft: Modern Straight]

This was a total surprise.  I normally wear only skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and haven’t owned a pair of straight jeans in years.  These straight jeans combined the best of both worlds.  They are ever so slightly slouchy, yet tapered enough.  They are super cute cuffed with flats or wedges or uncuffed with heels.  I will be adding these to my collection.

Kut from the Kloth ‘Brigitte’

kut-from-the-kloth-brigitte [Kut from the Kloth ‘Brigitte’]

Surprised myself here too, I’m not a big fan of the distressing but otherwise these are just a really great pair of white jeans.  They had some of the thickest denim of any that I tried.

High End ($100+)

Paige ‘Skyline’ Skinny Jeans

paige-white-jeans [Paige ‘Skyline’ Skinny Jeans]

No surprises here, I’ve always been a fan of Paige denim.  This is just an all-around great pair of jeans although I would want to get them altered, they’re a little on the long side (I’m 5’5″ for reference).  At least Nordstrom does free alterations!

And the Perfect White Jeans goes to…

Citizens of Humanity Skinny Ankle Jeans

citizens-of-humanity-white-jeans [Citizens of Humanity Skinny Ankle Jeans]

This was the all-around winner and the only pair that earned a perfect 10.  Yes, the price is high but I’m going to suck it up and get them because I’ll wear them year-round for a long time.  I love the length too.  Totally worth the splurge!

The Perfect Spring Scarf

I also brought these two pretties home from my trip to Nordstrom.  They will be perfect with white jeans for spring.

Floral-Scarves-Spring [Black Floral Scarf/Green Floral Scarf]

Now that we have the perfect jeans, let’s talk about what we need to go with them.

Neutral Wedges

 I have a feeling this is going to be my official wedge of spring/summer.  These A2 by Aerosoles espadrilles are new at Target!  They loo so comfy and come in four different colors.

[A2 by Aerosoles Espadrille]

Colorful Cardigan

[Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan]

Striped Tee

[Drapey Scoop Neck Tee]

Floral Scarf

[Floral Scarf]

Bright Tunic

[Merona Popover Tunic]

Leopard Sandals

[Sam Edelman Leopard Sandals]

Whew!  Well, I hope that gives all of you a better idea of what’s out there and gives you some guidance for your own white jeans purchase.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday for another Daily Style Diary recap!

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  • Lol at the moon jeans, you made me laugh. I love the fit of the Paige ones. Great guide, have a great weekend.

  • Such a fun guide! And I love the floral scarves that go with the jeans! Plus…your pedicure looks so good :). Smart idea having pretty toes when you’re snapping pics of bare feet and white jeans!

  • I’d love to own a pair of white jeans, you’ve inspired me to try and look for a pair for myself. I am more than excited to pull out my spring/summer wear. I love the Floral Scarf 🙂

  • Shelley

    Love the looks! I am intrigued by white jeans but often wonder how you keep them “clean”. I’d fear sitting down anywhere, eating with them on etc…Is my fear silly?

  • So far I’ve come up totally empty on my quest. One of my Spring Break days is devoted to just this! But my goodness you did a lot of work!!!!!! LOVE those last ones !

  • You are so right. White jeans are perfect for all seasons. Its sad that you didn’t find any great low priced white jeans but sometimes you pay for the quality you get. I need to try citizens of humanity. They look great on you!


  • Such a fun post!!! Thanks for all that hard work! 🙂

  • Lindsay

    WOW!! This is such a great and thorough guide! You saved us all a ton of time. I’ve never owned a pair of white jeans but you’ve totally convinced me. And now I don’t have to go try on a bunch b/c you’ve already done that! I know this post must have taken a long time to put together so thank you so much for all your work. Super helpful!!

  • This post really made me chuckle because I can so relate! I already own a great pair of white wide leg dress pants from Express that I bought two years ago, and I also own a pair of white capris, but I really, really wanted a pair of white jeans. Like you, I think I tried on every pair I could find in the mall with the same results. Most of the stores didn’t even have white jeans, and if they did, they were awful or not available in my size. However, I did find find a pair by a.n.a. at J.C.Penney that were perfect and a low end price, so I also completed my mission.

    LOVE everything else you bought: the shoes, cardigan, and scarves. I’ve been spending so much money on spring clothes lately. I need to stop! It must be my desire for warmer weather…if I buy the clothes the warmer weather will come? We can only hope.

  • Girl, you did your homework and did a fabulous job! I have found that the higher end brands of jeans just work better than some of the lower end. Too bad you couldn’t find a more frugal pair of white, but like you said, you get what you pay for. I loved this post!

  • Wow, you did an amazing job here! Thanks for the great reviews. I am also a huge fan of white jeans year round! Have a great weekend. 🙂 -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  • Kim Kauffman

    Oh I love the pair you ended up with! Citizens of Humanity are always a own for me! So good to know they aren’t see through. I need to put myself on a spending freeze right now though (boo!) but you better believe these will be in the back of my mind for later!

  • this is perfect! I was going to order the Old Navy pair but you convinced me to go with Loft. I love their fit anyway! Thanks for this great post! I have been waiting for it all week(: Susan

  • You are my hero! That you would go around and try on all those white jeans – to me would be absolute torture!! The Loft Curvy is my favorite and I’ve been ordering them for about 3 years. Fairly often they have everything for 40% off and I order jeans in my normal size. They fit consistently. All the other pieces you picked are adorable too. Love that you picked some items with nice inexpensive prices. For spring and summer I prefer to spend a little less on some things. Seems like they just don’t last as long as winter clothes.

  • Yay!!! I am so happy that it is white jeans day!

    Those are some great choices – I am going to check out the Loft ones, they look exactly like what I am looking for – and I agree on the wackadoo sizing there. I have a pair of their dress pants in a size 2, and there ain’t any way in the world I am close to a size 2. Especially after the cheese danish the size of my head that I inhaled yesterday. 🙂

    I also agree that white jeans are year round. And I love that Will Ferrell/Jimmy Fallon sketch, it always cracks me up, especially Will Ferrell’s muffin top hanging out over his tight pants. I feel like that some days.

    Happy Weekend, gal! Thanks again!!

  • Oh by the way, the Tight Pants video is awesome! Will and Jimmy can do no wrong!

  • You know I HATE when people where white in the winter but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like picture #2 in your winter collage. I’m a tried and true Memorial Day through Labor Day wearer of white denim. However…. I totally appreciate this guide and I agree, going mid-high end on white denim is the way to go. Kut from the Kloth are my absolute favorite brand of denim. They fit like a glove every time.

  • I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this post! You’re the best! The white denim guide was PERFECT. I did actually end up getting some white jeans from ON, but I went with the Rockstar fit, which always seems to fit me pretty well. I know some people struggle with their fits though. I just couldn’t pass up jeans for $19 (they were on sale).

    AND I’ve been wanting a couple floral scarves and wedges for spring, so you just totally exceeded my expectations for this post. Haha. 🙂 Thanks again!

  • This is awesome! Such a helpful guide. I’m a big fan of Paige and J Brand denim but like you, I always start with the low end jeans first hoping to find something affordable that I like. I always end up falling in love with a pair of Paige jeans or another high end brand. I hate that! I do have to say though that Gap Always Skinny has been at the top of my list consistently. Great fit in general but varies a little based on the wash.

  • Ok, so I totally busted out laughing at that youtube! HA! This is one fantastic post! I love the details and I have to agree with all of it! Throughout the read, I kept saying “Yep, yes, yep…” White jeans are definitely hard to pull off but you do it beautifully! ~Tammy @wildruffle.com

  • Thank you so much for doing all that research! I like to pick up jeans from Old Navy from time to time, but they are always hit or miss with me. I can’t justify the price tag for the high end jeans, but I will be picking up that pair from Loft! Thanks again Alison!

    And those floral scarves are lovely! I must get one for the Spring!

    Have a great weekend Alison 🙂

  • I still have yet to find a pair of white jeans that look good on me. I am a bit on the curvy side so that may be the problem. I like checking out TJ Maxx; many times you can find higher end items at a low price. I will continue the quest for white jeans and check out Loft now that I actually live in a town where there is a store! Thanks for all the info!

  • I am so glad you told us we can wear white year round. I agree 100%! I am going to use your research to help me buy my next white pair of jeans. Thanks for doing all of this fabulous research. I love having a good pair of white jeans. They go with everything!

  • This is a super post! I love Loft jeans. The sizing is somewhat consistent from season to season and I like that they have the different fits. You are totally right on the more expensive jeans being the better pick though. The quality is better and I find the fit is better for a non-20 year old bottom. And I love wearing white jeans all year round. Nothing wrong with that!

  • You did such a wonderful, thorough review! I like that you included fit and coverage. Gorgeous scarves!

  • I love, love KUT clothes. Not surprised those made your list!

  • Lacey @ Sunny + Turquoise

    LOVE this post!! White jeans are my all time favorite and so awful to find, I am so happy you documented all of this for us to see! When I saw the citizens of humanity ones on you, without even reading what you said, I knew those were the perfect pair. You are totally justified in buying those because they blow everything out of the water above haha! I blame you for showing me those now because that price is awful for what I usually spend, but this showed that you certainly get what you pay for when you look at the Old Navy, Target, etc ones. I have super short legs though, did you find these to be longer? I currently have to roll my white ones up and I am wishing I didn’t

  • I’d seen that funny skit before with them dancing in their “tight pants”. LOL But it still made me smile.

    GREAT post! I never wear white jeans, for all the reasons you listed, plus I’m not keen on white in general, but now you might have made me see the “white”. ; )

    Really I love that you did this since it will save me time should I decide to buy any in the future. I’m keen on Citizens of Humanity and can usually find some on sale at their Outlet stores. I think I preferred the straight legged ones from the Loft the best.

    Again…great useful post! : )


  • KimW

    YAY! So glad to see this post — thank you for your thorough shopping and for all of the pictures… nice to see how they all look on! Thank you also for offering a variety of price ranges! I am definitely going to check out the Loft pairs… they look awesome on you and I am really enjoying your blog! Has given me lots of spring wardrobe ideas!

  • That video is hilarious! I don’t think I’ll ever look at a pair of white denim jeans the same again. Those C of H jeans look great on you! I am a believer in splurging on denim if they fit well… I wear my jeans a ton and keep them for a long time. Great investment from a price per wear standpoint!

  • Kim

    Awesome post! Thanks for doing all of the “leg”work for us!:D. I ordered the Loft modern straights & the black spring scarf online- woot! You look great in all of the winners!

  • Monica

    This post is great! Thank you for all the hard work you put in! I have such a hard time finding jeans, part of it is my post three kids stomach looking bad in every pair. Anyway, appreciate all the info! I think I’m going to order those scarves too!

  • Serah

    Thank you SO much for this guide!! You have saved me so much time. Fortunately we are the same size and height so it really is like I have the best shopping buddy ever! 🙂 I love the moon jeans comment because I feel that way a lot in Target…the lighting and mirrors there keep it a bit too real! Haha! Thanks again and I love this blog:)

  • Love this post!!! In fact, you always have great posts, but you’ve been churning out some awesome content as of late!
    I am always a fan of straight jeans ( they look better on my frame), I am dying to get my hands on those Loft ones. Too bad there any Loft stores where I live.
    Have a great weekend, Alison!

  • Heidi

    LOVE this post! Thank you so much, I really love your style

  • Alsion, I love a great fitting white jean, it is such a perfect piece to gound the eprfect outfit. I lvoe the way citizens of Humanity fit. I love the floral scarves and other styling tips,
    Great post! Happy weekend!
    XX, Elle

  • Ray

    Love these styling ideas for white jeans!

  • Jen

    I love everything in this post! Thank you for spending a day figuring out the best white denim!

  • Brilliant idea for a post! I have white jeans in DL1961 and Citizens. Both are fab. You get what you pay for and never is that more true than with white jeans!!

  • Amy

    Such a great post, Alison! Thanks for including some ideas about what to wear with it for the spring!

  • Great post! I pinned every single bit of the outfit inspiration collages!

  • I love this post. It is so challenging to find a good pair of white jeans. You can never go wrong with Paige Denim. In my opinion, the pocket placement on Paige jeans is perfect. I have not tried the Citizens yet, but I will now.

  • Love, love that you did all the work for me. Having a 2 year-old in tow when shopping is not conducive to trying on anything.

  • You did such a great jib for us! Thank you!!! I never get tired of watching that clip…I almost pee my pants everytime. Classic. And your white examples of you in white jeans made me realize that it never crossed my mind to tuck capris length pants into boots! What a loser I am! I could have worn at least a dozen different outfits this winter without even buying anything:(

    Btw…how tall are you? I haven’t read all of the comments yet so ignore this if you already answered it!

    Patrice @ http://dittothatstyle.blogspot.com

  • Laura Ryner

    Thank you so much for your reviews. So helpful to have.

    I must ask – Where is that floral print shirt in the Old Navy and Banana Republic photos?

    I must have it – so pretty. Love your blog – New Reader!

  • Rachel

    I love that you did this!
    Such a great post!

  • heidi

    Oh this was so great to read!!!
    I have a few question, oh, but before I start I LOVED the fall white on white outfit!!!

    1) I am more curvy, I am 5ft 5, and a size 10/11 I have never bought skinny/modern cut jeans, because I am terrified LOL Can curvy girls where them?? I have bought gaps long and lean for as long as I can remember!!!!!

    2), please, can you do a post on picking sun glasses.. you always look adorable, and I just have the hardest time picking them.. now I might need them for different reasons than you do in Dallas, it’s -47 here today, and sunny, but we get such a glare from the snow LOL!!!!

    LOVE LOVE your blog!! I feel like I am finally coming out of my ‘mommy rut’!!!

  • Good to know about the Loft jeans! I’ll bookmark that for when I’ve finished this year’s crazy series of races and I can fit in a good pair! I’ve got some work to do before I can wear white jeans :p

  • Great post! And very thorough. I had never considered LOFT jeans before either, and on a shopping trip this past fall, scooped up a pair of side-striped dark jeans to wear with some sweaters I was wanting to try on. I ended up buying the jeans instead! (The look on my husband’s face when I came out of the dressing room also helped. He also insisted I buy those jeans.)

  • Lana

    Okay, funny comment. I was reading your great post on white jeans (thank you, by the way – I’ve been kind of afraid of white jeans – when you’re 46, clothes can be scary 🙂 – but I’m going to go try some of the brands you recommend). As I was scrolling down, the top of the beautiful floral scarves you bought came into my peripheral view, and I thought “oh, Alison is going to talk about yummy spring salads”. Then I kept scrolling and was quite embarrassed with myself to see that they were scarves. Oh my gosh I’m such a ditz. The scarves are so beautiful! ANYWAY, thanks for the very informative post and for doing all of that leg work to find the perfect white jean……Lana

  • I have had the hardest time with white jeans
    I currently own a pair of Diesel brand now which are the only ones in my closet as I got rid of all the others
    They are nice and thick, but a bit big in the waist, but with a belt work out great
    I have a pair of JBrand jeans and really love them, maybe I will check out a pair in white

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  • KellyinPA

    I found a great pair of white skinny jeans last year at Gap Outlet for $30. Love them! For the first time EVER I wore white jeans in the winter. With a chambray shirt, grey cardigan, floral scarf and brown boots. I loved the look, thanks for the inspiration. Great accessory choices to go with the white jeans, Alison. You nailed it!;)

  • What a great review (and I loved the musical interlude!) – I’m going to have look into loft’s jeans! Plus, I too have a horrible time with Old Navy jeans – there is such a weird gap between some sizes that they just don’t work for me…

  • Great review! I am intrigued by the COH pair.. are they stretchy? I need a bit of stretch because of my thunder thighs. If I size up, the waist would be big and so would the calf. I have the most unusual body type – small calf/ankle and wrist but big thigh and upper arms so looking for clothes that fits could be hard.

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  • Oh my gosh!! “Cows not calves” made me laugh so hard. I’m the same way!! Gotta love 15″ (or more) calves, right?

    I had the same issue you had in that I tried on basically ever pair under $200 I could find and ended up with the most expensive ones. AG Adriano Goldschmeid was the winner for me.

  • Thank you for such an awesome, in-depth post! I can tell you put so much work into it, but you should know that it was worth it because it’s SO helpful! I’ve actually never been brave enough to wear white jeans but now that I have this guide and know that you definitely “get what you pay for”, I might give them a try this spring.

    xo Always, Abby

  • Thank you soooo much for this post! I can tell it was a lot of work to put together. My white jeans are way too big so I’m in search of a new pair this year. I’ll be heading to Nordstrom soon to try on a few pairs. 🙂

  • Jay

    Thanks for all your hard work. You did a great job and the research you did will save me a lot of time. I’m going to Loft as soon as possible!

  • Fab, fab post! So well put together & so informative! I can’t wait to get my white jeans out again! Ax

  • I hesitate to say this to someone I’ve never met, but I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS POST. Seriously, you are so dang amazing. THANK YOU. I needed (a) reassurance I can wear white jeans year round, and (b) a store-by-store guide to find the best pair. YOU ROCK!!!

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  • mcarswell

    Hi, I love your blog. I was wondering if you have ever tried the AG Stevie ankle jeans at Anthro. They are my all time favorite jean and also come in white.

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  • Great guide. Haven’t worn white denim in years. Perhaps it’s time to give em’ a whirl!

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  • Adrienne

    This is such a great guide!! I just went out and bought the modern straight from Loft!!!

    This definitely helped me in buying my white jeans!

    Thanks you soooo much!!

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  • ShawndaSpille

    So helpful!! Thanks!! I went straight to Loft and found the perfect pair!

    • I’m so glad!! Did you get any extra items from Loft? 😉

  • leo

    i really Love these styling ideas for white jeans!Happy to visit the post and to try them i am in new world of Fashion & Beauty

    • You are too kind Leo. Thank you for stopping by.