Closet Tour – My Closet Cleanout

After weeks of putting it off, I finally cleaned out my closet, packing away my spring/summer clothes and breaking out my fall/winter wardrobe. Now I know it may seem a little late in the season to be doing this but it has been so warm here that I didn’t want to make the swap just yet. Then, what seemed to be overnight, the weather suddenly changed and we’re finally experiencing the cold weather I love this time of year! Watch my weekly Coffee Chat video below for more details on my closet cleanout.

I wanted to talk to you about closets, closet cleaning and closet staples today because we did a survey of GYPO readers in September regarding the Fall Style Challenge. I wanted to know that if you didn’t sign up for the Fall Style Challenge, what was your reason? I do this because we are constantly trying to make the Style Challenges better and I can use this information to make the program better for all of you.

But it was the feedback from those surveys that led me to today’s topic. There were two main reasons why our readers didn’t sign up, the first was budgetary restrictions. I do make the program affordable at $39 a season but I understand that for some, even that can be a stretch. And I totally 100% get it. I’m a mom and my kids suck most of the money out of the house. But it wasn’t just about the sign-up cost but more about purchasing the items on the other end of that. For fall, we tend to need a lot more clothes than we do for any other time of year. There’s a lot more buying that happens after you buy the program so that I totally get it.

However, it was the second reason that surprised me the most, that a lot of you feel like your closet is overwhelming you right now. The idea of digging into your closet, cleaning it out and seeing what you have takes your anxiety to an all-time high. I totally get that too! There’s no way to really do it neatly, especially if you haven’t done it in a long time. It’s an “it gets worse before it gets better” type of situation but it’s necessary so you can see what you have before you start filling in the gaps. If you don’t take inventory of what you’ve already got then you’ll end up like me with 12 black and white striped shirts in my closet. I love stripes but does anyone really need that many of the same striped shirt?

If you’re still not sure where to start, check out my Closet Cleanout Guide. Then once you’re done with that, you may still be anxiously looking at your closet only now thinking, “okay, so now my closet is empty and I have no more clothes!” If that overwhelming feeling comes back, then download my free Closet Staples Shopping list because that’s going to give you the basics you’ll want to have in place in your closet. Go through the list and check things off that you already have and then head to the store to get what you need. Shopping with purpose will actually help you spend less money in the end I promise!

So my challenge to you is whether you decide to do a full closet cleanout or just go through and quickly assess items you know you either don’t like, you don’t wear, it doesn’t fit or it’s out of style, just commit and make forward progress. If your closet is overwhelming to you, try to pull maybe a bag or so of clothes that you want to sell or donate and take that next step. I would love to see your closets and your progress! Send me your pics at, tag me on facebook or DM me on Instagram. I’m going to hold you accountable and we’re gonna do this together!

Your turn! Are you starting big or starting small? It doesn’t matter just as long as you start somewhere!


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