Craig’s Picks for Men from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

On rare occasions, I’ve been known to toss aside my better judgment and turn the reins of the blog over to my husband Craig. Like that one time he created a holiday gift guide entitled “What Your Husband Really Wants for Christmas” where one of the items was “you, under the tree, wearing nothing but a bow”.

Still shaking my head…

So when he volunteered to do a menswear post for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I was more than a little suspicious. Most men don’t enjoy online shopping, so him offering up this perfectly curated list?  Fishy.

I’m still trying to figure out his angle but I’ve searched for an ulterior motive and so far, have come up empty. So unless he’s secretly embedded something naughty in this post, we should all be good to go.

And by the way, I’m kind of impressed and plan to do a little shopping for him as a reward…maybe something else too, we’ll see.  🙂  (ok, now I’m the naughty one!)

Without further ado, take it away Craig…

I know Alison thinks I have some kind of other motive for my post but it’s not like that, trust me.  I saw her stressing this week because she had a post planned for today that didn’t work out because only half of her shipment came from Nordstrom.  So I decided to pitch in and help her out.  What?  A husband can’t help his wife out?

I mean if there just so happen to be some fringe benefits from my wife being less stressed, then so be it.  😉

All of the clothes listed below I’ve put on here because I actually wear them and love them. I feel like they are stylish and also appropriate for my age. Most importantly, I could only have what’s on this list and need nothing else for the entire year…outside of flip flops and swimming trunks…oh yeah, and a hat. Hopefully your husband can do the same.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks for Men

1.     Patagonia Jacket

[Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket]

I love this jacket because it is super lightweight, yet really warm in cold temps.  It’s easy to roll up and shove in a back pack or suitcase, without taking up very much room.  All around, it’s a great jacket and my go to in the winter.

2.     Patagonia Better Sweater  

[Patagonia Better Sweater]

In Texas, I get a ton of use out of this lighter weight jacket/sweater.  Typically, it’s my every day jacket from late September all the way to December and beyond.  When it gets too cold or I travel to colder climates, I switch to the puffer jacket.  I like to wear t-shirts, even in the winter, so between this and the Patgonia puffer, I’m good.

3.     Belt  

[Cole Haan Leather Belt]

I can’t say enough good things about this belt.  It’s the belt I wear with everything, from jeans and t-shirts to suit and tie…love it!

4.     Joe’s Jeans

[Joe’s Jeans Brixton Slim Straight Leg]

I wear these jeans all of the time.  They work with casual button downs, polos, and t-shirts.  I always pair them with the tan belt and boots.  I quarter tuck casual button downs and typically half tuck the t-shirts and polos.  You can cuff these jeans or wear them normal…all depends on what you like.  I usually cuff them.

5.     Nike Running Shoes

[Nike Free RN Distance 2 Running Shoes]

Love these shoes for working out…great running shoes…nuff said.

6.     Cologne Set



[Jo Malone London Cologne Collection]

Hate to admit I’m jealous of Alison’s chemistry lab for mixing perfumes, but I want one for colognes!

7.     Dress Shoes

[Cole Haan Harrison Wingtip]

I have these dress shoes and they look amazing with my gray suit and the belt I linked above. Go ahead and get both. They even work with jeans.  Every time I wear them I get compliments.

8.     Gingham Shirt

[Nordstrom Trim Fit Gingham Shirt]

This shirt looks great with the Joe’s jeans, ¼ tucked with the cognac belt and boots.

9.     Nike Socks

They’re Nike socks, they last, and they’re comfortable.  Just what I like and the price is right.

10.  White Dress Shirt

[Nordstrom Trim Fit No Iron Dress Shirt]

This white dress shirt works great with the gray suit, with or without a tie.

11.  Wolverine Boot

[Wolverine Adrian Boots]

These aren’t the exact boots that I have, but very similar.  If I had to pick another pair, it would be this pair.  I wear boots with jeans year round.  I spent some extra $ on mine, simply because I wear them all of the time and it was worth it to pay the extra for something that is comfortable and will last.  I can always justify the extra dough on a good pair of shoes

12.  Vans

[Vans Era 59 Sneakers]

I love my Vans.  On those super comfortable casual days I like to wear these with relaxed fit jeans and my favorite t-shirt.  They are super comfortable and great in the summer with shorts too!

13.  Relaxed Jeans

[Mavi Jeans ‘Max’ Relaxed Fit]

Let’s face it, slim fit jeans cannot happen every day!  It is necessary to have a normal pair of relaxed fit jeans.  I like to have these to wear with Vans or a pair of athletic shoes.  Slim fit jeans, for me, just don’t work for that.

14.  Black V Tee

[Calibrate Trim Fit V-neck T-shirt]

I love t-shirts and I love black, therefore, this one is on the top of my list.

15.  Henley Tee

[Long Sleeve Henley Tee]

This is a great shirt for fall or winter with jeans.  I have several and get a lot of use out of them.

16.  Suit

[BOSS Johnstons/Lenon Classic Fit Wool Suit]

This isn’t the exact suit I have, but a gray suit like this is great when you have the occasion to dress up.

17.  Crew Neck Tee

[Crewneck White T-shirt]

Just a great quality t-shirt in white that is one of my wardrobe staples.

18.  Nike Shorts

          [Nike ‘Fly’ Dri-Fit Training Shorts]

All of my workout shorts are Nike and these are comfortable, lightweight and a great price.

19.  Nike Tee


[Nike Dri-Fit Training Shirt]

Love this Nike shirt for working out and whenever.

20.  Nike ¼ Zip Pullover

[Nike 1/4 Zip Pullover]

I wear this pullover on cool days on my way to the gym, sometimes at the gym and even on those days when I spend the day in athletic clothes.

21.  Nike Full Zip Hoodie

[Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Hoodie]

I wear this hoodie a lot, not just for outdoor works or in between car and gym.  Great all-around fleece sweatshirt.

22.  Tie

[The Tie Bar Spree Dots Silk Tie]

Trust me, your guy’s tie collection probably needs an update.  This one looks great with gray suit and white shirt and it’s only $19.

23.  Tie (red)

[The Tie Bar JPL Dots Silk Tie]

Another great tie to wear with the gray suit and white shirt.

24.  Dress Socks

[Calvin Klein Emblem Dress Socks]

The wild dress socks are in style, so why not get a pair!