A Guy’s Guide to Creating a Wardrobe That Suits His Lifestyle

by Renaldas Kaveckas

If you are a freshly baked dad or the one with a bit more experience this article is for you. Are you up for bringing some more balance to your wardrobe? Overall, do you want a more versatile, easy-to-pair set of clothes that you can wear every day no matter where you’re heading? Below I’m sharing a few tips on how to achieve that.

Start With Changing Your Approach

The essential thing to point out – creating a minimalist wardrobe is more about optimizing, not minimizing. The aim here is to build a thought-of and well-balanced wardrobe with the right amount of clothing so your daddy life would be less stressful.

Consider Your Budget, Lifestyle And Environment

Think of what do you do for work, what you enjoy doing during your spare time and on weekends. This will help to determine how formal or casual a style you need to go with.

How much could you spend and invest in some new pieces? You don’t have to replace your wardrobe all at once. It will help you plan your budget and save up for some more expensive garments.

What is the climate like in the place you live? Is it hot and humid, or cold and windy? Do you travel a lot? What is our daily routine like? How do you like to spend your free time? Answering these questions will help you to define your style, so you feel comfortable and confident.

Know Your Size

The thing you have to learn – stop trying to fit into pre-father clothes or pretend to be a slim-fit if you’re a bit larger gent. There’s probably nothing worse than seeing a grown-up man who’s wearing clothes that are too small for him. Your apparel should perfectly lay on your shoulders and overall fit you correctly.

Go For Neutral Tones

Vibrant patterns and graphic prints aren’t entirely off-limits, yet going for a more tonal and monochromatic look in neutral colours would be a wiser step at first. If you feel comfortable, try playing with the colour weel – mix and match different materials and shades for a more vibrant look.

Invest In Your Clothing

Invest wisely. Choose forever-live, high-quality pieces (Check Define Sleek’s guide to a capsule wardrobe and essential pieces). Go for a leather bomber jacket, quality jeans, knit sweater, wool suit or a navy blazer, look for a classy overcoat and invest in quality dress shirts and pants. Those things will age nicely and make you look sharp.

Less Branding

Over-branded outfits sometimes can send a wrong signal – ‘insecure dad trying to look cool’.  A subtle logo with no pointing out can add a complementing touch to a plain shirt or a cardigan. The brand word or an icon should never be visible from more than a few meters away. Stick to the garments that look valuable because of their fit and fabrics. Let those things do all the talking, not some logos.

Main Rules On How To Structure Your Wardrobe

The core of your wardrobe should be formed of foundational pieces, classic and timeless items that work well in many different situations. Your foundational pieces should make the majority of your wardrobe. Moreover, these kinds of items should pair with one another without a struggle.

The middle section of your minimalist closet should be made of clothes that are not as versatile but are still relevant. This section could include seasonal items as well as pieces for specific occasions.

The top section should be made up of your experimental, colourful, nostalgic, and very occasionally worn items.

Final Thought

As it is sad that sometimes when your life tends to be a little too chaotic – start with your closet. Eventually, it could lead to more significant and better things.

About Renaldas – Founder of Define Sleek

In 2014 I was a professional chef and yet decided to pursue a career in men’s fashion industry after spending nearly a decade of making food at high-end restaurants across Europe. The decision to tackle a world of fashion was purely based on a passion for menswear, garments, and accessories which, in my point of view, are instruments to create a unique and distinctive statement of style. Without having much knowledge in this industry, I chose to enroll in fashion design courses in London to learn some fundamentals needed to succeed in this business.

The idea of Define Sleek was born back then with the aim to provide practical style advice and offer approachable content concentrated on longevity, sustainability and education about tailoring and bespoke fashion.

Define Sleek believes that style is more about how you live your life, your pursuits and values, quality and craftsmanship in all aspects of life.