GYPO at Home: Our Kitchen Reno Before and After

Hey pretties!  Some exciting stuff has been afoot in the Lumbatis household these past few weeks – we’ve just completed our first ever kitchen renovation.  Well, it wasn’t a true renovation but more of a makeover.  We got our dark wood cabinets painted and replaced the backsplash and tile floor.

Today I’m going to share our before and after pictures of our kitchen (including links to everything) and some advice if you’re considering doing your own kitchen makeover.

We built our house ten years ago and I was involved in the process of selecting the original cabinets, flooring and backsplash.  Back then, white kitchens weren’t as en vogue as they are now (but in all honesty, I think a white kitchen is classic and will never go out of style).  Our house was originally built with dark wood and paint colors that fit my personality then but my tastes (and style) have evolved over the past decade.  As we’ve done makeovers in every room downstairs, they have all become lighter and brighter.  The kitchen was the last on the list, simply because we knew what an undertaking it would be!

And an undertaking it was…

If you’ve ever been displaced from your kitchen, you already know how inconvenient it is.  For a week, we lived off pizza, take out and PB&J’s and washed dishes in the bathroom sink.  Yes I realize how much of a first world problem this is and it gave me a keen appreciation for all that we take for granted every day!

Let’s start with the before photos.  I didn’t really hate my kitchen before and it’s not that it was all that outdated, it just didn’t feel like “me”.  Also with the makeovers happening in all of our other rooms, we didn’t have the flow I wanted in our downstairs which is important with an open floor plan. (excuse the mess on our counter tops, demo day was the next morning so we had started to clean everything out)


Tile and backsplash demo day was probably the worst day of the whole process.  It was very loud and messy.  In retrospect my one regret is that we didn’t have our tile guy put up plastic to contain the mess.  Every square inch of our house was covered in a fine white dust after demo was completed.  I’m still cleaning it up!

Fifteen big trash bags of broken tile, thank goodness it was bulk trash day!

We decided to spruce up our existing cabinets a bit by adding bead board paneling to the back of the island and an end panel.  My husband Craig bought a sheet of bead board paneling for $20 at Lowe’s and our cabinet guys cut and installed it onto the existing cabinets.  They finished it out with moulding on top and bottom.

After all repairs and caulking were completed on our existing cabinets, everything was taped off and the kitchen was wrapped in a plastic tent for painting day.  The fumes were pretty overwhelming!  If you have the option to stay somewhere other than your house during this part, I highly recommend it.  We opened our doors and windows and decided to tough it out.


The gray porcelain tile floor is probably my favorite change we made.  I love how the light grout really makes the squares pop.

I especially love how the bead board detail turned out on the end of our cabinets and back of the island – $20 well spent!

The pendant lights over the island make such a pretty design on the ceiling.

Honestly my iPhone pictures don’t do it justice.  This is the light, bright kitchen I’ve always dreamed of and so much more.  The change is nothing short of drastic and I couldn’t be happier with the final result!

Here are links to our exact paint colors and items pictured:

CABINET COLOR: Snowbound – Sherwin-Williams

ISLAND COLOR:  Dovetail – Sherwin-Williams

BACKSPLASH:  Ocean Honed Marble Mosaic – Floor & Decor

FLOOR:  Uptown Anthracite Porcelain Tile – Floor & Decor

PENDANT LIGHTS:  Carmen 4-Light Pendant – Wayfair

KITCHEN TABLE:  Beachcrest Home Tanner 7 Piece Dining Set – Wayfair

RUG:  Mainstays Sheridan Ogee Area Rug – Walmart

TABLE RUNNER:  Embroidered Table Runner – Amazon

DECORATIVE ITEMS:  All from HomeGoods

Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover Tips

  • Painting your cabinets is a cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars over replacing them.
  • Shop Wayfair for lighting and furniture. Delivery is free and their prices are better than most stores.
  • Walmart has some great kitchen rugs with a rubber backing, they wash up nicely too.
  • HomeGoods is perfect for accessories and replacing any kitchen tools you may need.
  • Buy your own bead board and moulding to add detail to your cabinets. Have your contractor install them.
  • Backsplashes don’t have to be expensive to look like it.  Our marble backsplash was only $4.99 per square foot.
  • Porcelain floor tile is relatively inexpensive and the larger sized tiles make a big impact.

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  1. Sewfrench

    What a difference! I love the painted door!
    And that you found a new place for the trash can! LOL

      • Kerri

        Did I miss it? Where’d you put the trash can? I’m thinking of getting one of those kits to install it in a cabinet on our island. Is that what you did?

        • Alison @ Get Your Pretty On

          No we put it in the laundry room which is just around the corner. I would love to put it under the island someday, just haven’t gotten around to that yet.

  2. Kellyann

    Your kitchen looks terrific! We are in the middle of renovating ours, I can’t wait for it to be done!

  3. Laura

    Love the changes! It looks amazing!

  4. Amy Johnson

    Wow! What an amazing improvement! Looks fabulous!

  5. Sheri

    Love your style, Alison!! More pics of other rooms, please!!! Did you use the same granite in the remodel? It really looks nice! If so, was it easy to keep it from damage when removing the backsplash? I love the gray accent for the island against the white cabinets!! Awesome!!

    • Alison @ Get Your Pretty On

      Thanks Sheri! We kept the same countertops which saved thousands of dollars. I didn’t watch the demo on the old backsplash but they were able to do it without any damage to our granite. 🙂

  6. Shaunacey

    Gorgeous! Love the colors and that floor is beautiful!

  7. Saxon

    How BEAUTIFUL, Alison! And you didn’t have to replace your counter tops. You will enjoy this space for years to come.

  8. Lori

    It looks beautiful! We had our cupboards painted white a few years ago and I have been happy with it ever since! Thanks for sharing, it was fun to see.

  9. Tatiana Moskatova

    Your kitchen looks absolutely amazing!

  10. Valerie Hansen

    Your kitchen remake is just gorgeous ! So happy for you!

  11. Lana L.

    It’s beautiful Alison! We’ve been thinking about painting our cabinets white – loved seeing your before and after.

  12. Natalie Norris

    Your kitchen looks amazing!! Thank you for sharing your new space with us!!!

  13. Lorwatkins

    Love the kitchen updates. When we bought our house in 2000 the first thing we did was paint our cabinets a grayish dove white. It wasn’t the trend but I had always liked it. The only update we did later was add a subway tile backsplash and granite counters. I had bubble glass put in the double cabinet when we first painted. I have always loved the look. Thanks for sharing your project. I am living in England for the next two years and live in a stone barn conversion. I brought most of my things here and it looks like home. It is quite a charming former milking barn!

  14. Kristin

    What a gorgeous update to your kitchen! I love that you were able to reuse and update the elements that you originally chose and loved, but make it so much brighter! We are hoping to update our kitchen next year or the year after, and are hoping that we can save a lot of the cabinets that are already in there rather than changing them al out. We’ll see how it goes!

  15. Julia Balazs

    WOW your makeover is gorgeous!! I can’t believe your tile guy didn’t plastic off the area that’s so frustrating!

    xo Jules

  16. Inese Bokisa

    I love your kitchen. It’s just amazing how paint and a work can make a space. Love, love it! Well done!

  17. Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I love that cat in the before photo. I hope s/he is still there, but just had no time to show up in the after photo!

  18. Marika Savant

    I love your kitchen makeover. Did you repaint the walls too? Do you remember what color you used in the walls? I love how it goes so well with the white and grey tones.

      • Marika Savant

        What about the wall color? It looks lighter and maybe more beige than the island color.

  19. Queenie Marie Alonzo

    Love the design. It has too much space to move. So relaxing and really good to the eyes.


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