Mom Style | Denim Shirtdress + Animal Print Flats

Meet Manny the Mannequin.  She’s my model when my hubby isn’t around to take pics for me.  My daughters named her Manny but she looks more Woman-ny to me.  She also looks better in my clothes than I do.  Sigh.

Anywho, today’s outfit was worn to have lunch with my youngest daughter at her school.  Here’s how she extended her lunch invitation to me this morning:

Ava:  Mommy, ALL the moms come to have lunch with their children.

Me:  OK, Sweetie. I will come and sit with you while you eat today.

Ava:  No, I mean they bring McDonald’s for their kids and stay while they eat it.

Me:  But Daddy just brought you McDonald’s on Tuesday and we don’t do fast food more than once a week.

Ava:  But you can bring me Subway, it’s healthy.  You know what I want on it.

Me (Defeated):  OK, I’ll see you at 11:55.

Taken on a guilt trip then outsmarted.  Well played, Ava.  Well played.

I used to wear my yoga pants when I’d go to her school for lunch.  It’s nice to be able wear an outfit now that’s just as comfy but actually looks put together. This one fits the bill perfectly and it will carry over to this evening’s outing – a varsity football parent dinner at a local restaurant.  And I won’t even be tempted to put on my yoga pants in between.

It’s Your Turn:  What is your go-to yoga pants alternative for all things school related?  Tell me about it in the comments.

P.S.  Notice my swollen cankle in the picture?  I sprained it two days ago doing Jillian Michaels’ kickboxing DVD.  That’s why I shouldn’t do that.

[Denim Shirt Dress: $27.99 Target/ Animal Print Flats: $14.99 Target]

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