Determining Your Body Shape and Styles That Will Fit and Flatter

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms before, hourglass, pear or apple in reference to body shape but what does it all really mean? Knowledge is power and the premise behind knowing your body shape is that it will help you discover how to put your best foot forward, highlight what you love about your body and unlock the secrets to what fits and flatters your body shape the best. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you my brand new Outfit Formulas™ Body Shape Capsule Wardrobe and the free Body Shape download! Click on my Coffee Chat below for more details.

Over the years of doing capsule wardrobes, I’ve been asked a lot about body shape and what looks flattering on what shapes. I think that you can be on-trend as much as you want to be or have a closet full of clothes, but if you don’t really understand the concepts of how to dress your unique body shape, then those pieces are not going to fit and flatter you to the extent that they possibly could.

One of the things that I really wanted to base Get Your Pretty On and Outfit Formulas around was that there are so many different shapes and sizes. I wanted to celebrate and be really inclusive of every woman with every capsule wardrobe. Our community is such a beautiful representation of every single body shape and size. We have all different ages, heights, shapes, sizes, you name it. If you look on my Instagram and you see that a lot of the pictures are me in the outfits, I want you to know that in our private communities we’re seeing so much diversity and so much beauty. That’s really at the heart of what GYPO is about, that it’s such a beautiful representation of everybody. Every age, every background, every budget, no exceptions. Fashion and feeling good in your clothes is for every woman! I really want every woman to celebrate the body that she has and the beautiful and unique shape that she has. There are truly pieces out there that fit and flatter every shape and that’s what we’re gonna get to today!

Measure First

To determine your body shape you have to measure first. I’m going to give you the broad strokes here for determining your body shape but there are more detailed directions (and maybe some math but don’t worry) in my free Body Shape download so be sure to check that out! You’re going to need a measuring tape, pencil and paper. In order to take accurate measurements, you must be either naked or wearing tight-fitting clothes such as leggings and a cami. It’s also recommended that you don’t wear a bra when taking measurements so you can get them as accurate as possible. You’re going to measure three areas. 1. Shoulders 2. Bust 3. Waist 4. Hips.

There are four main body shapes. You may have heard them referred to as fruits and veggies like apples, pears and carrots or as shapes such as triangles, rectangles, and squares. The names are interchangeable, just remember that triangles are pears, inverted triangles are apples, rectangles are athletic and the hourglass is curvy. Again I go over in greater detail about the different shapes in the free Body Shape download and what silhouettes you want to include in your closet and what ones to avoid. Then for the free download, I’ve included a shopping list and four days of outfits! Below I’m going to show you the Day 1 outfit formula and how it translates into the four different body shapes. Let’s get started!


Moto Jacket or Blazer + Solid Tank Top + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Shoes

Moto Jacket or Blazer / Solid Tank Top / Dark Wash Jeans / Leopard Shoes / Hoop Earrings / Long Pendant Necklace / Black Handbag

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, then you’re a Triangle or Pear shape which is the category I fall into. It’s all about proportions, and you’ll hear this a lot from me. You want to draw the eye to your top and waist which is why I went for a waist-length jacket and tank. I also chose these boot cut jeans because Triangle’s look great in any jean style and finished it off with some heels to elongate the legs.

Inverted Triangle

Moto Jacket or Blazer + Solid Tank Top + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Shoes

Moto Jacket or Blazer / Solid Tank Top / Dark Wash Jeans / Leopard Shoes / Hoop Earrings / Long Pendant Necklace / Black Handbag

Are your shoulders or bust wider than your hips? Then you’re an Inverted Triangle or Apple shape. For this body type you’re trying to create balance by drawing the eye to the waist by creating interest around your hips. For this look, I picked a moto jacket that hits below the waist with bootcut jeans and a flowing tank that also hits below the waist. If you have a bigger bust, which many inverted triangles do, be sure to opt for a jacket with some stretch to it or you can even opt for a black cardigan to complete this look, just make sure it hits you around the hips.


Moto Jacket or Blazer + Solid Tank Top + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Shoes

Moto Jacket or Blazer / Solid Tank Top / Dark Wash Jeans / Leopard Shoes / Hoop Earrings / Long Pendant Necklace / Black Handbag

If all measurements are the same or very similar with no defined waistline, you’re a Rectangle or Athletic shape. Your shape is well balanced and you look great in just about anything. The main goal of a rectangle is to add some curve by creating a waist. I did this by adding a structured jacket on top and then tucking in a simple tank to show off the waistline and finally pairing it all with a wider leg jean style which will enhance the waist as well.


Moto Jacket or Blazer + Solid Tank Top + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Shoes

Moto Jacket or Blazer / Solid Tank Top / Dark Wash Jeans / Leopard Shoes / Hoop Earrings / Long Pendant Necklace / Black Handbag

If your shoulders and hips are about the same size with a defined waist you are an Hourglass or Curvy. You’ve got curves and you need to embrace them and show them off! This body shape is all about balance which it already has, you just need to keep it. To keep proportions balanced I picked a structured jacket and a sleeveless blouse that gathers in at the waist then finished it off with a pair of skinny jeans.

Things to Remember

You are Unique

Even though there are four different body types we are all unique and therefore may not fit neatly into one particular category. There is a chance that you may have a sub-body type and that’s okay. This is simply a guide to help you find clothes that will flatter you the best but that doesn’t mean that if you find something you love and that you feel great in that you should abandon it because it doesn’t “fit” into your body shape guidelines. If you’re struggling to find your body type, another method is to disregard your shoulder measurements completely and just use your bust, waist and hips.

Highlight What You Love

Learning how to dress with your body shape is all about learning to highlight what you love about your body! If you love your legs, learn how to rock them, if you love your curves, learn how to flaunt them and if you love your shoulders, learn the tops that flatter them. It’s all about using clothing silhouettes to draw the eye where were want and maybe away from what you don’t want front and center. So find what you love about yourself you can even go beyond naming your body parts. What are all the things you love about yourself? Go ahead, make a list….I’ll wait.

Don’t Get Discouraged

There are many other factors that may determine what your body shape is. For instance, height, where you carry your weight, where you lose and gain weight first. This isn’t to make you feel bad about yourself, especially if you don’t fit all nice and neat into one shape. Like I said before, you may have a sub-shape category and that’s totally, 100% okay. It’s easy to maybe wish you were another body type, I know I did. I am a pear and I spent my early years wishing I was a rectangle. People with curly hair wish theirs was straight and vice versa. There’s always going to be something, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to embrace it! Embrace yourself and accept that you are fabulous just the way you are! Once you’ve done that, then you wear what makes you happy and gives you confidence!