Do You Have Closet Shame? You’re Not Alone!

Hi Pretties! I’m so thrilled because I have an exciting announcement at the end of this, but first, let’s talk about closets. A few years back a suffered from some serious closet shame. There were so many times I would be asked to give a tour of my closet so everyone could see how “organized” it was and truth be told, it was far from it! It was an absolute mess with no organization and it became a space where things were just thrown and stacked up to the ceiling. For more details on my closet shame and how I decided to change things, click on the coffee chat below.

Yes ladies, closet shame is real. There was no way I was going to show you all my closet. And don’t worry, the idea that I’m a blogger who was hiding her closet was not lost on me. Not only was my disastrous, unorganized closet stressing me out in my personal life but my professional one as well.

Enough Was Enough

My closet had become a catch-all for everything, bedsheets, travel stuff we have no idea where else to put, off-season clothes I was holding on to, it was all in there. I finally decided enough was enough and I told Craig it was time to do something about the closet. So we did. One day we went in there and pulled EVERYTHING out. It took a few hours then we sorted through the chaos and put back in only what belonged. We did a few little things to beautify it which you can find on the blog here. I’ve even done a few more upgrades since then (velvet hangers) but they didn’t feel as overwhelming since the bulk of the closet had already been organized. I love my closet now and it doesn’t give me stress anymore which is a wonderful feeling!

Closet Shame Does Not Discriminate

We have all felt that disgust with our closets. I know this because you all told me. We recently did a survey and one of the biggest reasons besides budget that kept you from updating your wardrobe is that your closet is in chaos and the thought of trying to make sense of it is overwhelming. So now there are two factors that may be holding you back from being your true, bright and confident self.

Help Is On the Way

I couldn’t stop thinking about how much my closet chaos stressed me out and that your closets are stressing you out too. I wanted to help! That why I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be doing a FREE Five Day Closet Clean Out Challenge starting March 2nd! I can break this down. We can make this easy. We can tackle this together! I’m doing a video for you each day and in that video I’m giving you one specific action to take. They’re going to be bite-sized chunks because the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, right? It’s going to help cut down on your decision fatigue every day and not feel so overwhelmed. And we’re gonna do it as a community. We’re gonna have accountability in our Pretties’ group on Facebook so if you’re not in there yet, join here. So if your closet stresses you out, sign up for the free Five Day Closet Clean Out Challenge and let’s do this together!


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