Mickey’s Back!

This is totally off-topic from fashion but since a lot my readers are moms, I decided to document our scout elf’s adventures on the blog this year.  Last December, he arrived at our front door step and instantly brought daily delight to our two daughters.  They agreed upon the name Mickey and eagerly searched for him each morning in his new position in our house.

For his initial arrival, our door bell rang and there he was in his box on our front porch along with this arrival letter:

Dear Aubrey and Ava,

I’m so excited to have been dispatched to be your own personal scout elf.  Santa sent me all the way from the North Pole to spend every day with you until Christmas.  During my stay, I’ll be keeping a close eye on things in your house so I can give a report back to Santa each night.  Be sure to be on your best behavior!  Every morning when I return, you’ll find me in a new place in your house.  Read the book inside my box to learn  more about me.  I’m so happy to be a part of your family and can’t wait for you to give me a name!


Your Scout Elf

Even though they were thrilled to find him every morning last Christmas, he seemed to lack creativity in his adventures.  After a full year of Scout Elf training at the North Pole, he’s returned and is full of adventures this year!

Mickey made his grand entrance for this year last evening.  Down the chimney he came in his own miniature sleigh pulled by one tiny reindeer.

This year he had an arrival letter tucked under his arm.

Hi Aubrey and Ava,

I missed you so much during this past year at the North Pole.  But Santa put me to work to keep me busy!  I had an advent calendar to count down the days until December 1st so I could come back and see you again.  I can’t wait to visit with you and fly back to the North Pole every night with my report.  You are so special to me and I am so lucky to have you as my family.


Mickey, your elf

P.S.  I’m going to be extra careful this year to stay away from Bailey!  (the golden retriever)

 The next morning, we found Mickey sleeping.  He made a bed out of tissues after a rough night of OD’ing on Hershey kisses!

elf on the shelf mischief ideas

See the chocolate on his mouth and pillow?

 Before falling asleep he cut a tiny sleep mask out of a tissue with my eyebrow scissors.

When the girls woke up for school the next day, they found that Mickey had built a zipline across the kitchen!  The tag says “PULL ME”.

I really wish he would learn to clean up after himself, sigh…

Apparently he’s a GREAT baker too.  Check out this giant gingerbread man. Impressive!

Uh oh!  Someone got busted shopping at the Toys R Us web site!

elf on the shelf mischiefThen he rode on the back of a magical golden reindeer.

 elf on the shelf ideas reindeer

He got a bird’s eye view of the goings on in our house from his hiding place atop the hallway light fixture.

elf on the shelf hiding place

Hiding out and blending in with the poinsettia.

Cradling the baby Jesus from our nativity scene.

Is he ornery or what?  Spilled the sugar bowl to make snow angels… elf on the shelf sugar snow angels

Day two of playing in the sugar.  This time he made a snowman out of clementine oranges!

Can’t wait to see what he gets into next!

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