Favorite Finds – September Edition

By Jessica Pigza

Fall is in the air, at least in most places. I live in Southern Georgia, so for me, fall is putting on my favorite fleece, hiding under my favorite blanket, burning my favorite pumpkin spice candle and turning the A/C down a few degrees so I don’t sweat my butt off. Fall will eventually come to these parts, but until then, I will just have to pretend.

It reminds me though, that even the smallest of things can bring great joy. Whether it’s a change in seasons or the smell of your kids when you kiss them goodnight, a product that makes life easier or that perfect fitting pair of jeans. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make one smile.

In honor of smiles everywhere, I’m happy to introduce the Favorite Finds Series! This series will feature three to five items and include everything from fashion and makeup, to food, decor and home life. It’s a place where I plan to showcase things I have discovered that have made me smile or made life a little easier, which also makes me smile. My hope is that my latest discoveries will make you smile as well.

1. Clay Art Mugs

I love big mugs, so it is very likely that you will not find anything that holds less than 16oz in my mug collection. And because one mug is never enough, I’m constantly on the lookout for big, beautiful mugs that will hold a lot of liquid. Imagine my delight when I stumbled onto Target’s line of mugs by Clay Art! Not only do they have witty sayings and come in a beautiful array of colors and patterns, but they can hold 26 glorious ounces! Some may think that is just too big. I, however, love not having to refill my cup throughout my day and I can drink hot coffee in the morning, then if it lasts into the afternoon, I add ice instant iced coffee! Plus, if anyone asks, I can honestly say I’ve only had one cup of coffee today.

“Don’t Quit Your Daydream” Clay Art 26oz Mug

This is the mug that spoke to me! Not only do I love these colors, but I love the saying on it!

2. Lion Coffee Toasted Coconut

Now that I have the perfect mug, coincidently I also found something amazing to put in it! While visiting family in Florida, I was introduced to Lion Coffee – Toasted Coconut. My cousin offered to make me a cup for the road trip home and it was love at first sip. I can only describe the coconut flavor as warm and cozy. Normally when I think of coconut I think of summer but there’s something about this coffee, maybe because the coconut is toasted, but it is heaven in a cup. Look for it in your local grocery store, but if you can’t find it there, you can order directly from the company or from other retailers like Target and Amazon.

Lion Coffee Toasted Coconut

3. Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candle – Leaves

As I previously stated, until fall actually comes to Southern Georgia, I must play pretend. To help set the fall mood, I love to burn my Bath and Body Works 3-Wick candle in the Leaves scent. The name of this candle totally threw me off and I wasn’t even going to smell it until the sales lady told me I “just had to.” In my mind I was already smelling rain-soaked leaves and that was not appealing to me. I was delightfully surprised by the smell of apples, cinnamon and clove. To me, these scents scream fall even if the weather outside does not. The candle is a bit strong so I recommend burning it in a large area. If you are very sensitive to scents you may want to look for another option.

Bath and Body Work 3-Wick Candle – Leaves

So what makes you happy? What brings you joy? Feel free to share below.

About Jessica

Jessica is a military wife, married to her husband Nate of 14 years, and stay at home mother to three energetic and fearless children, Sophia, Brandon and Rachel. Originally from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the military life has given her a chance to live all over the United States and meet many amazing people along the way.