Finding “The More” of Life

by Diana DeVaul

At the start of 2017, I knew I wanted to make some changes. Signing up for a GYPO Style Challenge Annual Membership was a great first step, but I wanted more. I hadn’t figured out precisely what the changes were going to be and that was both exciting and overwhelming. I was excited because I was finally making myself a priority, and overwhelmed because where on earth did I begin?

Thankfully, as a lovely bonus to my GYPO Annual Membership, I was able to access Alison’s online course called Rediscover Me. It is a 28-day challenge outlined beautifully with Alison’s guidance through videos, print-outs and easily manageable assignments. It is aptly subtitled ‘A four-week journey in self-discovery’. This course was the perfect kick-start to help me realign my life and my priorities.

If you are anything like me, you may have on occasion, read a self-help book or two (or twenty!), taken an online course for being your best self or maybe even attended a workshop to organize your life. Or, more likely, you’ve wanted to do all these things, but find that you do not have the space in your life to make them happen. Either way, if you’ve hung with me this far, I’m betting you are a motivated yet complex (i.e.-awesome) woman that has an inkling in her heart that there is more to her story than the responsibilities she has been assigned. There is more to you than being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend or whatever other roles you have chosen or life has chosen for you. You are a sum of all these things but you are also so much more. Rediscover Me is about the more. Please know you are worth the effort to uncover ‘the more’ of your own life waiting patiently to be found.

Do not be intimidated by the 28-day length of the Rediscover Me challenge. It sounds like a lot, but in the grand scheme of life, 28 days is a drop in the bucket. Rediscover Me is time-saving in that Alison has curated the best of the best when it comes to making positive personal change. The video lead-ins for each lesson are short and sweet. She shares her wisdom in a way that is down-to-earth and relatable. I never felt like she was pushing me to be something or someone I’m not, but rather highlighting what has worked for her. She shares it in a way that I could either implement it or let it go if it didn’t feel right for me. I appreciated that immensely. It helped me stay open to each lesson and I ended up trying more than I initially thought I would.

The most constructive lesson I learned was how to manage the time in my day more efficiently. Once I got the hang of it, I started to have more time in my life to pursue my expanding interests. While I have always been a writer at heart, I not only created more time in my life for writing, I now have found a way to practice yoga on a daily basis! Through the encouragement I found in Rediscover Me, I plan out my days carefully. I start my day off getting up earlier than my boys which gives me time to organize, plan and accomplish some daily tasks before they come downstairs for breakfast. This helps open up my schedule and as I plan out the structure for my day, I make sure yoga is a part of it. I also plot out the week, noting the days that I will make time to write. These two simple changes have had a tremendously positive effect on my life overall. Yoga brings me calm in a way I hadn’t connected to in ages, and writing more brings me joy. I write simply because I love it. As I have allowed for more writing time, it has led me to some incredible opportunities like being a featured blogger on GYPO. That’s the wonder of life! Sometimes where you start takes you far beyond where you think you can go. The only missing ingredient to a great life adventure is YOU.

I believe whole-heartedly your next great adventure is near, all you have to do is make a small commitment to yourself. I promise you, if you can sit down with Alison for 28 days, you are going to be amazed. The side-effect of doing so is that you are subconsciously signaling to yourself that you matter. If you are sitting down each day to focus on figuring out what makes you happy, you are creating a habit of self-worth. No matter what you choose to do to help you find your path, by making a choice to find it, you already are halfway there.

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About Diana

Diana is a stay at home mom to two remarkable boys, J.R and Keaton. She is immensely grateful to the Cubs baseball organization for finally winning a World Series in her lifetime, and for hosting her very first date with her husband, John (married 14 years). She is also a freelance blogger who writes intentionally that others may find hope in her words. You can learn more about her life and family on her personal blog Writes For All Mommies.