Five Accessory Trends You’ll Want to Try This Spring

If I wasn’t already excited for spring, all the fun spring trends I’m seeing are making me even more ready to pack away my boots and say “see ya later” to my winter scarves. Some of my favorite spring trends can be found in the accessories department. One of the things I love about accessories is that they are an easy, cost-effective way to change up the look of any outfit. Plus once you have a great foundation of closet staples, changing out your accessories to add a few trendy pieces is pretty easy. Below are my top five wearable accessory trends for the coming spring.

1. Pearls

Pearls sometimes have a stigma attached to them that they are stuffy and outdated and something we only remember our grandmother’s wearing on special occasions. Pearls are taking on a whole new life this season and I’m seeing them everywhere! While you can’t go wrong with the traditional, classic stud, I’m also loving the pearl lined hoops, and the pearls mixed with beads and crystals. They are light and airy and perfect for spring. And did I mention the hair accessories? Dainty pearl headbands or small hair clips with pearls will be the ideal way to add a little something to your hair. So whether you opt for small and dainty or layer them on like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you can’t go wrong adding pearls to your spring accessory list.



2. Oversized Chain Necklaces

Think of the oversized/chunky chain necklace as the statement necklace of the spring. It comes in a variety of metals like gold and silver but also in super lightweight resin that can be pink or tortoiseshell which is why I’m liking this accessory. There are so many variations that you’re sure to find one that fits your style and your comfort level. If you’re thinking the necklace maybe a touch too “heavy,” try layering it with a daintier necklace to balance it out.



 3. Colorful Jewelry

Spring is all about the explosion of color and what better way to show it off than with your accessories. Everything from purses to necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Colorful accessories are an awesome way for this simple jeans and tee-shirt gal to take her look up a notch. The key to this trend is just having fun with it. Mixing textures and colors will keep it fresh and bright.



4. Oversized & Colorful Sunglasses

Sunglasses are getting a retro makeover this spring. While the classic aviators will always be on-trend, oversized, colorful, round and cat-eye sunglasses will be seen a lot this year. I believe that these are timeless styles that just reinvent their popularity every few years. While oversized sunglasses are meant to be just that, oversized, you still want to make sure they don’t swallow up your face. Try to find pairs that aren’t “frame heavy” to ensure that they still have a light fit on your face. Oversized sunglasses are both sophisticated and trendy, just channel your inner Jackie Kennedy and rock those fun spring sunglasses!


5. Bucket Bags

Sometimes practicality wins and such is the case with the popularity of the bucket bag. This handbag is roomy with enough space for all your things but because of the rounded bottoms, it’s typically easier to find what you’re looking for. Then it all closes up neatly at the top either with a zipper closure or a drawstring closure. They can be found in a variety of colors, textures and styles which is why this is such a versatile trend, you’re sure to find one you like and that works with your wardrobe.



Your turn! What spring accessory trend is your favorite?