Five Ways to Wear It – Combat Boots

Hi Pretties! I am back with an all-new, comfort zone busting Ways to Wear It and today I’m going to be showing you how I’m styling my combat boots for winter. Yes I did say combat boots! For these looks I’m pairing them up with some of my winter closet staple favorites. But before I get into that, I want to explain why combat boots. Now we’re into winter 2020 and I really wanted to try something totally new, totally bold, and totally outside of my comfort zone so I bought myself a pair of combat boots. I normally don’t do rugged boots. I do the cutesy little ankle boots and all the feminine-looking boots, but there’s just something that feels so right about these right now. They’re comfortable, they really do go with a lot of things and I think if there’s anything we learned this year is that we like to feel put together AND comfortable.

Option #1

Black Vest + Plaid Button-Down + Graphic Tee + Black Leggings + Combat Boots

In my first outfit, I pair up my combat boots with my faux leather leggings, a long flannel shirt, and I have on a graphic tee under there that says Cheers! It’s a little bit festive and totally comfortable. Then I threw on my black quilted vest to finish off this cozy and warm casual look.

Option #2

Plaid Scarf + Black Vest + Neutral Sweater + Black Jeans + Combat Boots

For outfit number two I went with a teensy-weensy little bit more of a dressy look. This time I paired up my combat boots with my black ankle skinny jeans and a cozy beige sweater. I finished off this look with my plaid scarf. If you want some extra warmth you can definitely put on that black quilted vest as a top layer to this outfit to.

Option #3

Black Cardigan + Solid Dress + Combat Boots

Outfit number three! I can’t say a combat dress and boots is something I ever thought I’d be wearing, but here we are and I’m kind of loving it. I hope you are, too. I am just totally blown away. This is really unexpected and it’s something super far outside of my comfort zone. But I just love the juxtaposition of the tough-looking combat boots with a girly dress. And I don’t know, it kind of makes me feel like a cool mom. Another fun option would be to swap out the black cardigan for a black moto jacket!

Option #4

Plaid Scarf + Neutral Cardigan + Chambray Button-Down + Dark Wash Jeans + Combat Boots

Outfit number four is venturing back into my comfort zone. I just went in and grabbed a bunch of closet staples. I’ve got my black jeans back on again with my chambray button-down shirt and my cozy beige cardigan. I finished off this look with my plaid scarf and of course, the combat boots add a little bit of edge to all these closet staples.

Option #5

Solid Tunic Sweater + Black Leggings + Combat Boots

Last but not least, for outfit number five I went with a winter classic, the long tunic sweater and faux leather leggings, updated courtesy of my brand new combat boots.

There you have it! That is it for my five winter outfit formulas featuring combat boots. Is this a trend you can see yourself getting behind or are you still on the fence? Let me know in the comments. Also, all five of these outfit formulas are in the Outfit Formulas® Winter 2020 Capsule Wardrobe! Click HERE if you want to learn more and play along. See you there!

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