Five Winter Outfit Formulas® 2020

I’m still in disbelief that it’s already time for the Outfit Formulas Winter® 2020 Capsule Wardrobe and yet it is. This year has been crazy beyond belief and we’ve been forced to adapt and overcome obstacles and one of those is how to feel motivated and some sense of normalcy. I still truly believe the same thing I did all those months ago, get up and get dressed. By getting ready for your day you’ve already accomplished something and that will create a positive domino effect for the rest of your day. So whether you have plans to go out or stay in below are five winter outfit formulas from this winter’s capsule wardrobe. By giving you the formula you’re able to make this look your own and one that fits your lifestyle. Plus you can easily adapt the same formula for a day at home or a day when you’re going out. Click here for my free Five Winter Outfit Formulas® download complete with a shopping list, just in case you have any gaps you want to fill.

Outfit Formula #1

Neutral Cardigan + Burgundy Top + Ivory/White Bottoms + Taupe Ankle Boots

Everything I’m wearing for this look is closet shopped except for the scarf. I love pairing the neutral base of the cardigan and white jeans, then adding a pop of color with the burgundy top and the plaid scarf is the finishing, festive touch! While my white jeans and neutral cardigan are still available, my taupe boots and burgundy top are not. However, you can find similar boots HERE and similar top HERE.

Outfit Formula #2

Black Vest + Solid Top + Gray Bottoms + Snake Print Shoes

For this formula, I’m wearing the sweater and the vest pictured above although I got the vest last year there are still limited sizes available. Here is a similar option. Then I closet shopped my jeans and snake print ankle boots. My snake print booties are unfortunately unavailable but these boots are similar.

Outfit Formula #3

Black Cardigan + Plaid Top 2 + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Shoes

For this look, I’m wearing the plaid shirt from JCF pictured above and the rest of this look is closet shopped. I love the mixing of patterns in this look and if you’re new to pattern mixing or maybe a little intimidated by it, this is a perfect jumping-off point. The plaid and leopard look great together and by having the jeans between the patterns, they don’t feel overwhelming.

Outfit Formula #4

Black Vest + Striped Top + Black Jeans + Leopard Shoes or White Sneakers

For this look I one hundred percent closet shopped! As you may know, I have a love affair with stripes and there’s no shortage of striped options in my closet then my vest is from last year as well as my high waisted jeans. While my ankle boots are no longer available, here is a similar pair as well as a similar vest to the one I’m wearing.

Outfit Formula #5

Black Vest + Plaid Top + Graphic Tee + Leggings + Black Ankle Boots or Combat Boots

My fifth outfit formula is a great mix of closet staples and some new pieces as well as what could be considered a polarizing trend. I decided to add the Cheer! graphic tee to my collection and pair it with my closet shopped plaid shirt and vest. My faux leather leggings are technically new since I accidentally donated my Spanx pair during our move, Eeek, but I decided to try another retailer and have since fallen in love with these ones from Arie. And finally, the polarizing trend item, my combat boots. I’m finding you either love them or hate them. For me, they were a big step outside my comfort zone but I’m finding that I love wearing them! They are comfortable and so far I love the combinations I’ve been able to pair them up with. The Cheer! graphic tee unfortunately only has limited sizes available but here is a similar tee and here is a similar option for my plaid button-down as well as a similar option for my black vest which has limited sizes available.

Your turn! What winter outfit formula is your favorite?

Like what you see? You’ll have access to these outfits plus 29 more immediately upon signing up for the Outfit Formulas® Winter 2020 Capsule Wardrobe. Plus tips on how to dress up or dress down each look making getting dressed this winter the easiest thing you’ll do all day! Check out how Outfit Formulas® is changing lives here.