Four Looks to Keep Your Ankles Warm This Winter

by Jessica Pigza

For the past few weeks, I’ve been easily living in denial that winter is actually here. We’ve been spoiled with higher than normal temps and I’ve been able to get away with my ankle boots and slip-ons with ease. However this week we had a cold front move in and I was quickly reminded how bone-chilling winter can be in Southwestern Pennsylvania. That means my outfit has to do more than just look put together, it has to function in temperatures reaching the teens. All my body parts need to stay warm and my ankle boots no longer cut it. Check out these four looks from Outfit Formulas® that are sure to keep your ankles, plus the rest of you, warm this winter.

Option #1

Straight Leg Jeans + Thick Calf Socks + Booties

For this look, thick calf socks are hidden beneath some straight-leg jeans and booties meaning your ankle boots can stick around a little longer. A long plaid coat adds some texture to this outfit and the yellow handbag gives it a pop of color, perfect for the dreary winter.

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Option #2

Leggings + Thick Calf Socks + Sherpa Boots

The second look utilizes the same thick calf socks but instead of hiding them, they are going to be scrunched down over the leggings to meet the edges of your cozy sherpa-lined boots. Faux leather leggings are a great way to again add texture and depth to your outfit. But, if you’re looking for something a little warmer, try some fleece-lined leggings. A thick shacket will help keep the cold away and this look is finished off with a neutral handbag.

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Option #3

Boot Leg Jeans + Thick Calf Socks + Sock Boots

This look utilizes socks on socks in the form of thick calf socks under sock boots and boot leg jeans. The snugness of both the calf socks and the socks from the boots will ensure no cold air gets in keeping you warm and cozy. Keeping with the cozy theme is a sherpa-lined moto-inspired jacket. This time though, it’s a red handbag adding that perfect pop of color.

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Option #4

Tights + Thick Calf Socks + Knee High Boots

The final look will keep you just as warm even though we’re styling a sweater dress. For this look, you’ll want to start with some ribbed tights. Then add the calf socks over them then add your knee boots. Make sure there’s enough room in your boots for the layers or they will be uncomfortable. Also, remember to keep the socks tucked in a bit for a more polished look. This outfit is topped off with a houndstooth coat and a black handbag.

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Your turn! What ankle warming look is your favorite?