Why I Gave Stitch Fix a Second Chance

If you’ve never heard me talk about Stitch Fix before on the blog, there’s a great reason for that. Mainly because I learned that if you don’t have anything nice to say…

Well, you know the rest!

I’m just not one to give bad reviews of products or services and especially not on my blog. My philosophy has always been to promote what I love.

And honestly I didn’t love Stitch Fix.

A couple of years ago I signed up for my first fix and was super excited for it to arrive – only to find that most of the pieces were dressy or business casual and poor quality for the price.  I felt like my stylist totally ignored the fact that I was a work from home mom on a budget.  It was very disappointing and needless to say, I sent every piece back and canceled my subscription.

Another Try?

Fast forward a few years and I’ve started seeing other subscribers fixes and reviews and decided it was time to give them another try.  It seems that they’ve gotten a LOT better with both the styling and the pieces.  I love it when companies take customer feedback and improve their products and services and it seemed like this is exactly what Stitch Fix did!

How it Works

If you’re not already familiar with Stitch Fix, which I’m pretty sure most of the world is, this is how it works.  First, you fill out a questionnaire to determine what your personal style is and select your sizes.  You’re also given a free form fill-in where you can share information with your stylist on any special events you have coming up or what you dress for on a daily basis.

I shared with my stylist that I’m a work from home mom who likes to feel put together for my day to day life.  I also attend a few events each month that require me to be a little bit dressier, including date nights.  I was also able to submit my Pinterest board of outfits so she could get an even better feel for what I wear.

The styling fee is $20 but this comes off the total of any pieces you decide to keep.  After filling out my questionnaire, my first fix was scheduled and arrived the following week.

The Styling

I’m thrilled to say that this time the stylist totally got me.  The pieces in my first fix were dressy enough for a casual date night, yet could also be easily dressed down for a day at home.  They also featured some of the latest trends, like fringe and frayed hems, floral and a sueded texture jacket.

The Pieces

stitch fix frayed jeans

stitch fix fringe t-shirt

stitch fix sueded jacket

stitch fix sunburst necklace

The Prices

Priced individually, the pieces were higher than what I normally spend.  The floral top alone was $64!  BUT they give you a deep discount if you buy all five pieces.  The discounted total for everything was only $211, which I found to be really fair considering the jeans were $88.  If all of the pieces had fit me properly, it would’ve been a no-brainer to keep all five.

What I Kept

Although I LOVED all of the pieces, I only kept one – the fringe hem top.  It’s so cute and versatile! My total spend on this fix was $27.83 (not including my $20 styling fee which was subtracted from the full price of the top).

As for why I chose not to keep the other pieces, I have a similar floral top, the jeans were super cute but a size too big, the jacket didn’t fit me right in the sleeves (and I don’t think I’d wear it much anyway) and I have a similar necklace from Stella and Dot that’s better quality.

An added bonus that I also kept was the styling card included with the pieces.  It shows you two different ways to pair up each piece using items from your closet, or that you can shop for on your own.  I kept it in my closet for outfit inspiration, along with all of my GYPO Style Challenge outfit ideas.

Here’s how I styled the fringe hem t-shirt.

stitch fix fringe top outfit

stitch fix fringe top outfit 2

My Verdict

I’m excited for my next fix!  It’s an easy and affordable way to add trends in monthly and Stitch Fix is not a competitor of my own GYPO Style Challenge – as a matter of fact, the two play extremely well together. Style Challengers that subscribe to Stitch Fix are able to easily incorporate their pieces into the challenge. The GYPO Style Challenge and Stitch Fix use the same seasonal trends which makes it even easier.

It’s Your Turn:  Do you subscribe to Stitch Fix?  If so, what are your thoughts?

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