Get This Fall Look Using Closet Staples

Did you know that we only wear about twenty percent of what’s in our closets? It’s crazy to believe that we are taking up so much of our closet space with things that we don’t wear, or worse, things we don’t even know we have! I know going through our closets is a daunting task but as we ready for the colder months and break out the boots and sweaters, it really is the perfect time to sort, organize and purge. Only keep what you like, what you’ll wear and what fits.

Now I know this process doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and it’s usually a big old mess before you start to see any progress, but I promise you that if you keep accountability for what’s in your closet, and build a solid foundation, you just may be able to say that you wear 100% of what’s in your closet! Then once you have that solid foundation you’ll be able to put together a bunch of new looks for fall just like the one below all by simply shopping your closet.

Denim Jacket + Striped Shirt + Burgundy Jeans + Leopard Flats + Black Purse + Pendant Necklace

1. Denim Jacket

This classic piece is perfect for the transition from summer to fall. Denim jackets are a great way to make any outfit look complete and perfectly casual. You can’t go wrong with a medium wash as it’s pretty timeless. When selecting your denim jacket, make sure you have enough room in shoulders and that it hits you just right at the waist. Finding one with a little stretch to it will help you feel less restricted. And for the finishing touch, you can cuff up the sleeves and add a great bracelet or two.

2. Striped Top

You all know I have a strong love affair with stripes so of course, it’s going to be included as a closet staple. Stripes can be worn all year long and although I do love a traditional navy and white stripe, really the possibilities are endless. Pick the color, size and thickness of the stripe that you like and that looks best on you. And did you know that stripes are considered a neutral in the world of pattern mixing? So mix away and for additional information on pattern mixing, be sure to check out GYPO’s Quick Guide to Pattern Mixing.

3. Burgundy Jeans

It’s great to have a pair of color denim in your arsenal. For fall and winter, I suggest something a bit darker and these burgundy jeans are perfect. Not only do they scream fall but they coordinate well with both fall colors and jewel tones.

4. Leopard Flats

Oh one of my other loves! Leopard is truly perfect all year round. Depending on the weather where you live, you can easily change up the style to work with the seasons. Leopard flats are ideal for spring and fall while some leopard ankle boots will help you looking stylish through the winter and for summer, it’s leopard sandals all the way!

5. Black Purse

Which category do you fall into? Do you enjoy the same purse all year long or do you change out your pruse according to your mood, the weather or event? No matter where you fall, a great black handbag is an essential closet staple. If you find yourself in the first category, this would also be a great closet staple worth investing in since you’ll be using it so much. However, if you find a black handbag is just part of your purse rotation, then opting for a more budget-friendly option will allow for other handbag purchases.

6. Pendant Necklace

While different metals, beads and tassels may come and go, the basic pendant necklace will always be around. Again this is one of those pieces you don’t have to spend a lot of money on to look amazing and buying what you like, and not just what’s trendy will also ensure that you’ll want to wear it season after season and year after year.

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