My Go To Date Night Outfit Formula

TGIF pretties! Have you ever had to scramble to pull together a date night outfit at the last minute? That’s what happened to me this week. In this case though, it was a girls’ night out instead of a date night.

My sweet friend Kim invited me along for a night of laughter (and tears) at the Moxie Matters Tour in Dallas with Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordegren.  She had meet and greet tickets so it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Not that I would have anyway, I’ve been a HUGE Jen fan and follower for years (she’s my extroverted alter ego) so I jumped at the opportunity to hear her speak and meet her in person. The coolest thing is that some of you may have even found GYPO through Jen.  I had to pinch myself when she featured one of my capsule wardrobes in her newsletter a few months ago!  Here’s our crazy group with Jen and Nichole (I’m hiding in the back).

Not gonna lie, THIS picture below was the highlight of the evening! But so was meeting GYPO reader Molly (shout out to Molly) which by the way, if you ever see me out and about please introduce yourself. It honestly makes my day! (even when I’m schlepping around TJ Maxx in my bedroom slippers – embarrassing but true story and lesson learned) 🙂

If you haven’t gone to the Moxie Matters tour yet, GO. It was a beautiful, poignant evening with reminders that all the pain and brokenness we experience leads to something beautiful on the other side. Between that and Nichole’s powerful storytelling through her music, I went through lots of tissues!

So, back to the outfit, I’ll be honest, this was completely thrown together at the very last minute.  But that’s the beauty of a good go-to outfit formula.

Go To Date Night Outfit Formula

Solid Blouse + Black Pants + Leopard Heels + Layered Necklaces + Moto Jacket (Optional)

Here’s how this date night outfit formula works, pull any solid colored blouse out of your closet and pair it with black pants or jeans.  Add a pair of leopard heels and layered necklaces and voila – instant outfit!  The moto jacket is optional. Mine ended up coming in handy as it was kind of chilly at the event venue.

My bell sleeve blouse is sold out but you can find similar ones here, here and hereThese velvet pants are still in stock and one of my favorites!  They’re stretchy, lightweight and comfy. Perfect for upcoming holiday parties or for everyday. My shoes and moto jacket are also sold out but I’ve linked similar pieces up below.


It’s Your Turn:  Share your go-to date night outfit formula in the comments!