December 7, 2015 - Better You, Easy Outfits, Style, Style Challenges

GYPO on GMT: Four Mom Makeovers

Good Morning Texas invited me to share the GYPO Style Challenge with their viewers.  Four Dallas moms who are also challenge participants graciously agreed to be styled in a fun makeover segment featuring winter and holiday outfits.

Check out their amazing transformations and stylish winter outfits.

It’s Your Turn: What was your favorite winter trend featured in these makeovers?

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  1. I am confused about what your services are. I watched the video above and thought that you were going to give them options for what they would wear in their everyday lives. For example, the stay-at-home mom who wore jeans and a t-shirt ended up in a sweater and boots. Is this what she is now wearing while she’s at home with her 3 children? The woman who works from home (in the ball cap) wore a t-shirt and jeans as well. In her makeover, she wore a pull-over shawl which I don’t think she would be choosing to wear while working in the comfort of her home. The outfits all look great for going out, but I really don’t see them as alternatives for what they had on in the “before” pictures. Maybe I just don’t get your concept. I’m sure if these ladies took pictures of themselves going out to dinner with their spouses or going to a concert, they would be a little more put-together than their “before” outfits. Hence my confusion when you gave them alternatives which aren’t really alternatives for what they were wearing…rather, they are alternatives for whatever they would wear to go out, which we did not see.

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