Five tips for sticking with a healthy lifestyle through the winter months

Heading into the holidays can be the toughest time of the year for staying on track with health and fitness goals. There are temptations all around, not to mention plenty of reasons to make excuses. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “The time change has given me less time to work out. Might as well just skip it.”
  • “I’ll be hiding under winter clothes anyway, it doesn’t really matter if I pack on a few pounds.”
  • “The holidays come but once a year, why not indulge?”
  • “I’ll start working out again after the new year.”

I’ve said all of these things to myself and many, many more. It’s amazing how much your mind can fool you into believing that.

The problem with that is the little things add up: a few skipped workouts or a few extra calories over the course of a few months can all add up to a lot of extra pounds. Trust me, I know this from experience. Every winter, I pack on some extra weight. And every spring, it gets harder and harder to take back off. Now that I’m over 40, my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. Every single pound I gain goes straight to my midsection, which I know isn’t healthy.

This winter, I’m taking a different approach. Four weeks ago, I started a new workout routine, and I’ve been counting my calories and overall eating much healthier.

I can still enjoy my favorite holiday indulgences. After all, anything is fine in moderation. But, I also know that working out is even more important this time of the year because it helps me get through the winter blues.

Here are my top five tips for sticking with a healthy lifestyle through the winter months.

  1. Buy some cute winter workout clothes to help motivate you. Check out these great pieces at SIX:02.
  2. Use a calorie- and activity-counting app to keep you accountable.
  3. Make exercise an appointment on your calendar. Schedule it for the same time every day at least four to five days a week.
  4. Allow yourself guilt-free “splurge days” each month. Commit to following your diet goals every other day.
  5. Enlist a friend for accountability and work out together.

SIX:02 6K in Dallas

Training for an event like a race is also a great way to stay motivated. When you have an end goal in mind, it’s easier to stay on track. On November 15, FootLocker and SIX:02 — the top women’s fitness retail destination — are sponsoring their first It’s Your Time 6K in Dallas. It will be held at Klyde Warren Park and interested participants can sign up at

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It’s your turn: When is your SIX:02 moment, and how will you stay in shape this winter? Tell me in the comments.