How to Spruce Up Your Home and Wardrobe for Spring

When spring arrives, we love to clean out and spruce up our homes and our wardrobes. The dark, cold days of winter are gone, and we get to decorate and dress with the bright, cheerful colors of spring. But, some of us who are not born interior decorators or fashionistas struggle a bit with exactly how to go about sprucing up our homes and wardrobes for spring. That’s why I’ve compiled some of the best tips I’ve been able to find for doing just that:

1. Add Colorful Accents

Fashionable, bright colors are the perfect way to accent your home and wardrobe for spring. Consider putting away the whites and silvers of winter and replacing them with vibrant napkins, placemats, and other colorful linens. When choosing your vibrant linens, don’t use just one color. Rather, choose colors that accent one another and that you can repeat throughout the home in throw pillows and accent rugs .

In terms of adding colorful accents to your wardrobe for spring, there are a few options that will turn up the appeal of your outfits. Consider adding a bright bag to neutral wardrobe staples this spring. Or, bring color to your wardrobe through jewel-tone sunglasses, candy-colored shoes and sandals, and vibrant watches. If you’re feeling bold, spruce up your wardrobe for spring with pants in colors that pack a punch.

2. Add Flowers to Your Home and Floral Prints to Your Wardrobe

We often associate plants and flowers with spring, so it’s a great idea to spruce up your home and wardrobe for spring by incorporating them into your décor and fashion. There are so many options for adding flowers and plants to your home. Place houseplants in sunny areas of your home, and include the powder room if possible. Start a windowsill herb garden in your kitchen. Arrange a few fresh-cut flowers in a mason jar, cool glass, or other container that can serve as a vase. Put them on end tables, bedside tables, on top of a bookcase, or anywhere else that needs to be spruced up for spring. Trim a few stray branches from bushes or trees in your yard and join them with wildflowers or sculptural driftwood to make dramatic bouquets for the dining room table or island in the kitchen.

When it comes to adding floral prints to your wardrobe, go ahead and add away. Floral prints started to make a comeback in 2015, and they’re still on trend for Spring 2016. Some of the trends include garments that look as though they have watercolor florals painted onto them. Skirts and dresses featuring bold, colorful floral prints also are on trend for spring, and you can go as dressy or casual as you’d like with your floral look. The florals can continue into your footwear and accessories this spring, too.

3. Make the Old New Again

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If you’re of the DIY persuasion, you can take advantage of the new season by making the old new again in your home and your wardrobe. You can completely change a room in your home and spruce it up for spring by adding an accent wall with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a spring color, test it out, and make sure it adds the cheerful atmosphere you look forward to when spring arrives. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color or choosing the wall to accent, ask for a small sample of paint from the local paint or hardware store, paint a few cardboard squares, and hang them on the walls to help you make your decision. Don’t forget to consider the color at different times during the day, to make sure that you love it.

You can apply the same technique of making the old new again to your wardrobe, to spruce it up for spring. There’s a good chance you have spring garments in your closet or drawers that you’ll love to wear, once you update them a bit. It’s inexpensive and fairly simple to rely on DIY tricks for updating your wardrobe for spring. For example, you can use some pastel fabric to make floral accents for necklaces or tops. Or, you can add pops of color by sewing shapes or patterns to tops or skirts. Another idea is to add floral prints to jeans. Going away for spring break or taking a trip this summer? You can even spruce up your luggage in preparation for the warmer seasons by using ribbons, stickers, or decorative tape to add a little flair.

Sprucing up your home and wardrobe for spring can be a simple process, as long as you think about the trends and work them into your home and clothing in the way that works best for you. Colorful accents, floral prints and flowers, and DIY tricks that make the old new again are just a few of the ways that you can spruce up your home and wardrobe for spring fairly quickly and easily.

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