How to Style a Textured Lob and Four Simple Summer Hairstyles

In case you missed the announcement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I chopped my hair off last week after nine years of having it long.

It’s taken a little while for the shock to wear off because I never imagined doing it.  It was truly an impulsive decision, yet one of the best I’ve made in a long time.  I love my new hair cut, it’s modern, updated, easy and fun.  All of the things I feared about having shorter hair didn’t come to fruition. I can still easily put it into a ponytail and it’s actually a lot more versatile than my long hair was.

Here’s the new look.

Honestly the seeds had been planted a few weeks back when I saw this tutorial for a textured lob and fell head over heels in love.  I just didn’t think I’d have the nerve to pull the trigger.

Last summer, I answered this reader submitted question by creating a video of some of my easiest summer hairstyles.  I can still do all of these with my hair shorter.  They work great for mid to longer length hair and some of them could even be adapted for short hair too.

Hi Alison!  I could use some cute, easy ways to style my hair up for summer. Nothing too crazy that requires an extra set of hands or a ton of products. All of the ones on Pinterest say they’re easy but then they end up being 17 steps. Help! – Ashley

Well, Ashley you’re in luck because all of my summer hairstyles take seconds to master. Yes, you read that right, SECONDS. Most of them are only three steps. How’s that for super simple?

You just need to start out with clean, dry hair. Actually one of them only requires your hair to be clean, not dry and with the others it can be dirty. So scratch that.

I told you this would be easy, right?

Sound too good to be true? Then watch this quick video I put together with my four super simple summer hairstyles. These are my go-to hairstyles when it’s just too hot to make much of an effort.

It’s Your Turn: What are some of your favorite easy hairstyles when the heat is on?


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