How to Style White Jeans for Winter

So have you jumped on the white jeans all year long bandwagon yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on expanding your wardrobe options. Not only does adding white jeans to your winter rotation open up a ton of outfit options, they also provide a sleek and fun alternative to jeans. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a bright white pair or perhaps an off-white color, the effect is still the same. White jeans just have a way of elevating your look while keeping it crisp and clean.

But sometimes the problem isn’t with wearing white jeans for winter, but how to style them. White jeans in the summer might be a bit easier to coordinate but with the style inspiration below, you’ll be putting together fabulous winter ensembles in no time! And if you’re still looking for the perfect pair of white jeans, check out the top-rated white jeans (according to the Pretties) HERE!

Option #1

Neutral Cardigan + Solid Top + White Bottoms + Taupe Shoes

Option #2

Neutral Sweater + White Bottoms + Snake Print Shoes

Option #3

Wool Camel Coat + Solid Sweater + White Bottoms + Leopard Shoes or White Sneakers

Option #4

Neutral Cardiagn + Graphic Tee + White Bottoms + Leopard Shoes

Your turn! Which white jeans style is your favorite?

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