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Having a 14 (almost 15) year-old daughter in the house is actually pretty great for helping me dress my age.  Every time I try a new trend, I ask for her input and she’s more than happy to give it.  I do this not only because I want to look age appropriate, but also because I don’t want to embarrass her with what I wear.

Alison Aubrey Swings 2You’d be surprised at what humiliates her these days.  I can’t do the robot in the car anymore, she hates it when I sing in the aisles at Target and she was completely dismayed when I danced in a flash mob at her high school pep rally.  OK, I need to defend myself on that last one.  In all fairness, humiliation was the goal but her older brother was the intended recipient.  The senior football moms wanted to do something really memorable for our sons at the last pep rally of the year.  We chose maximum embarrassment by doing a flash mob.  It worked really well.

Alison Aubrey SwingsAt any rate, I won’t embarrass her or myself by dressing inappropriately for my age.  That’s where I draw the line.  But where is the line between looking on trend and dressing too young? It gets a little blurred especially when we sometimes shop at the same stores and share clothes.

But I’ve discovered that the key to keeping pieces age appropriate is really simple.   It’s all in how you pair them up.

Let’s take this sweater for example.

Fashion Back Hole Knit Sweater [Back Hole Knit Sweater]

Mother/Daughter Style

Black Sweater Full CollageAubrey and I each styled it in our own age appropriate ways.  I picked out more sophisticated pieces like plum jeans and a long necklace with ankle boots, while she opted for a youthful look with bright jeans, a scarf and combat boots.

Alison Black Sweater Full[On Alison: Sweater:  c/o Persunmall/Jeans/Necklace (Similar)/Earrings]

Black Sweater Aubrey Full[On Aubrey: Sweater:  c/o Persunmall/Scarf/Jeans/Boots]

Black Sweater Half Collage

Alison Black Sweater Back

Ettika Black Tassel Bracelet[Bracelet:  c/o Ettika – Get 25% off site wide at Ettika.com with coupon code EXCL25]

It’s Your Turn:  How do you define age appropriate style?  Share your tips in the comments.


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  1. Rachelle

    You are both so beautiful, while she styled in a youthful way you look so elegant in your sweater. Love posts like these.

  2. Shay Shull

    Such a cute post idea! First of all, you and your daughter are just beautiful (as is your younger daughter!), and second of all, I love both of you girls in the same sweater. Such a fun way to show this top’s versatility! Love!

  3. Sheaffer

    Ooooooh! Such a cool post! You should TOTALLY make this one a series!!!!!!!!

  4. April

    You two look like sisters! Cute post, Alison!

  5. Jo-Lynne Shane {Musings of a Housewife}

    You guys are adorable!!!! How fun that you can share clothes. but honestly, you look about 20 in that photo! NO WAY can you have 14-y/o daughter! LOL

  6. Erika Slaughter

    Allison, your daughter is SO cute!!! Loved this post with both of you girls in the same top!

  7. Lindsay

    Hi, this is the first time that I’ve commented on here but just had to say that I LOVE this post (and that sweater)! I agree with Sheaffer that you should consider making this a regular series. I think it’s really cool to see how you can still be on trend but appropriate…and how just simple little tweaks make the difference. Your daughter and you are both gorgeous!

  8. Lindsay

    Oh and the flash mob of moms is priceless btw!! You should post the video on here. 🙂

  9. Molly

    I love this post! I am 40, and I struggle with wanting to look cute and fun. I do not want to wear a trend that makes me look like I am trying too hard. I like seeing how you style your clothes. They look great!

  10. kathy

    I loved seeing you with your daughter!

  11. ADA

    Your daughter is gorgeous, a spitting image of you. Love that first photo of you two in the swingers. Needs to be framed. You both styled that cozy sweater so well. I love the peek of the Tank Top underneath. Makes it casual fun.

    I’d love for you to stop by my blog today and please link up this Outfit. I am co-hosting my first link up ever. I’d love your support, Alison.

    Thank you & have an Awesome Wednesday. As always my pleasure linking up.

  12. Carylee

    Is it bad that everything that makes your daughter embarrassed makes me want to be your BFF? Flash mob?! Sounds so fun!!!! I love this side by side of you two in the sweater. Great adjustments although in all honesty, you truly don’t look much older than her at all! Seriously!

  13. susan

    So…a. you look more like sisters than mom and daughter. and b. it’s like we spoke before posting today…sharing a take on a trend and making it age appropriate myself.
    lol’d all the embarassing your kids…I think I do that daily. :/

  14. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

    Oh my seriously you just look like sisters in these shots. I’ve been espousing age-appropriateness too in my looks because I don’t want to lose the respect of my daughter haha. She is also my number 1 critic.


  15. Gina @ On the Daily Express

    Ah, you and your daughter are both gorgeous! This was such a fun post to read- really clever idea. As far as how I determine age appropriate…I don’t rank that one very high. I mainly look for clothes that flatter and make me feel put together and confident in how I look. Age doesn’t factor in as much, but I’m just less drawn to certain trends with age anyway. Thanks for hosting a great linkup!

  16. Sherry

    You both look great, and your looks is very appropriate, though you don’t look old enough to have a almost 15 year old.
    I have to say I always love your pictures, you are lucky to have someone who takes the time to take such beautiful shots of you. These pictures will bring back great memories to look back on when she is older.

  17. Happiness at Mid Life

    What a fun sweater! I liked how both of you styled it. I think when it comes to dressing age appropriately, I don’t really have any set rules other then what makes me comfortable. I was never comfortable in short skirts when I was younger so I never wore them.


  18. Michael

    I think you have age appropriateness down pat! You always look chic and well put together. I never get the impression you’re trying too hard.

  19. Suzanne

    Well since I don’t have any kids to embarrass, just my pug ( and she doesn’t embarrass so easily) I don’t worry about being age appropriate. I only worry about liking what I see in the mirror and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

    I love that you both wore coloured jeans. I think I need some of those : )


  20. Kim Kauffman

    Ok, first of all you look beautiful and don’t look like you could have even close to a 15 year old daughter. Love how you showed ways for both of you to wear that sweater. You both look great!

  21. Lulu Soler

    Such a great post Alison, your daughter is beautiful (like her momma 🙂


  22. Susan Jeffries

    Alison she is lovely! Isn’t it fun to prepare posts with your daughter? That is my favorite thing to do on my blog. And my daughter is my go-to girl for fashion too(: Susan

  23. Annette

    Aubrey is as beautiful as you are, Alison! I know exactly what you mean as my daughter (19) and I also share clothes and accessories. But for example my dresses are too “ladylike” and long for her, her skirts obviously too short for me. Blazers, tops and blouses work best for both of us but again, styled our own way. On Alena’s new blog meet me stylish you will from time to time see pieces we share.

    I was really laughing about the flash mob 😉

    Annette | Lady of Style
    2 x 60€ Valentine’s Legwear Giveaway

  24. Ashley

    I definitely rely on more sophisticated elements to bring an outfit around to a place where I feel like it’s age appropriate for me. For example, if I’m wearing something super trendy + young, I’ll balance it with more classic pieces (rather than overloading on the trends!) to keep it kosher. 🙂

    You and your daughter are both gorgeous- she gets it from her mama! 🙂


  25. Mo

    Love that sweater! You both styled it great. 🙂 Very age appropriate.

  26. Willfully Elegant

    Both you and your daughter are dorp dead gorgeous. I do believe in age appropriate dressing, and you do it just fabulously. For me I would draw a line if I hesitate in wearing it outside for even a sec, I trust my sixth sense on this.. Thanks for hosting the link up

  27. Tarnished Royalty

    Your daughter is as beautiful as you and I love the pictures on the swing! My daughter is an Aubrey too! ~Ann

  28. RoselyC

    Both of you look great! That is a lovely sweater. I agree about blurred lines when it comes to dressing your age. Sometimes I will find myself really liking something a teenager is wearing and then I remember I am almost thirty. But your advice is great, it is all about how you style the pieces. Great post.

  29. sarah tucker

    Y’all look gorgeous! Such a great way to style the sweater. I think I am still in the middle, not yet a mom, not a teen, so I am going to have to copy both looks!

  30. Rachel G

    As a teen I was always trying to give my Mom suggestions and get her into clothes that I deemed more stylish. 😛 I was probably just a little annoying….

  31. Sofia

    I can’t believe you have a 15 year old. You look amazing. You have a baby face. I love that you both styled this sweater beautifully.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  32. Laura

    I definitely think choosing colors can make things more age appropriate.You both look great though! What a cute sweater!

  33. Morgan

    SOOO fun to see this post of you two together. And, hilarious that you did a flash mob! That is awesome! I too am often asking my almost 13 year old if what I’m wearing is OK. I don’t want to be “THAT” mom. 🙂

  34. Bethany

    You two are both BEAUTIFUL. Love these pics and the sweater on both of you!

  35. Tiffany

    I love that sweater! You stayed on trend and still look classy. I need a 14-year old in the house. =) I worry that I tend to reach for younger styles. I sometimes forget that I’m in my mid-30’s and want to dress like I’m still in my 20’s.

  36. hl

    Love the sweater. Think I’m going to order it in black.

  37. Lisa

    I have two teenage daughters who are constantly borrowing my clothes. They tell me I should be flattered that I have clothes in style. 🙂 I do always wonder if I am dressing appropriately for my age, but my daughters never seem to be embarrassed by what I wear, so I think I’m doing ok. 🙂 I have tried to stop shopping at the the same stores that they do though….I would love to see more posts like this.

  38. Lauren @ Style Elixir

    Oh my gosh – Alison!! I LOVE this post!!! I’m so excited to ‘meet’ your daughter! Please tell her she is absolutely beautiful!!! This would be my favorite post you’ve ever done 🙂 I hope all is well!

    Lauren Xx

  39. Amy Johnson

    Well, first of all, I love your outfit, but I honestly don’t see how one is more age appropriate than the other. I wouldn’t wear the bright yellow pants, not because I don’t think older women can’t wear bright colors (I just bought a pair of bright red pants!), but I don’t like the color. But, I do own and wear combat boots and scarves. I don’t think combat boots are a young person’s thing, they are very practical for us Northerners who have to walk in snow and ice on a daily basis. I have booties like what you have on, that I use for indoor use only or very, very short walks from a car to inside a building, and then I have combat boots for wearing outside, or lots of long walks. I’m just having a difficult time understanding how wearing color and a scarf and combat boots, is for young girls only. I think, this is an example, of why age appropriate dressing is so difficult, because everyone seems to have a different opinion of what it is. It’s definitely an issue we need to keep exploring and I look forward to more posts.

  40. Tiffany

    Such a cute sweater, and I love how you showed how it works for both you and your daughter. You both look great! It makes me look forward to when my daughter is old enough to share clothes with. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  41. Charnele

    Its so important to be aware of things like these. I don’t have children yet, but I always wonder how I will dress once they are teens. I think that its all how you style your looks. You can still be fun without being to conservative.


    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  42. Stephanie

    Love both outfits! You look like sisters, seriously. I hope this will be a continuing series!

  43. Mrs C

    Your daughter is pretty! My boys (same age as your daughter) have their fair share of groan and moan when it comes to my dressing. Definitely no shorts, they hate me in shorts except when I am at the beach. I don’t really mind that but the worst is no pixie hair cut! Now that’s pushing it, right?
    You both are equally stylish.. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all 🙂

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  44. Spiritmom

    Yes, yes, and yes! I am so with you on age appropriate attire! I have 2 teenage boys who have a fit if they think I’m looking too young. As my oldest son said last summer “I respectfully ask that you not wear a bikini”.

  45. Sherry

    Love this post Alison! Your daughter is so beautiful, just like her mom!! I remember my mom and I used to wear each others clothes.

  46. Amanda

    This is a wonderful post, both of your outfits are amazing!

  47. Alissa

    Love the sweater – and it’s neat to see how each of you styled it. You two look like sisters!

  48. Allie Mackin

    Yes the lines do get a wee bit blurred but I think that is a good thing. Not like back in the day where a women over 30 was considered nonexistent. I think you could totally pull off the love sweater. You guys look great.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC



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