July 7 x 7 Remix Challenge

It’s back!

Seven pieces.  Seven outfits.  Seven days.

If you missed out on last month’s 7 x 7 remix challenge, well I’ve got some great news.  I’m teaming up with Natalia at Ma Nouvelle Mode and some other fabulous bloggers for another challenge coming up next Wednesday!

You can check out last month’s challenge in this post for some inspiration.  The rules are slightly different this time around – shoes will no longer be included in your item count.  🙂

I’ll be putting together seven outfits for my upcoming beach vacation using  just seven pieces of my wardrobe.  Make sure you stop by next Wednesday to see how I pair them up and to link yours up too.

Get all of the deets below and join in the fun!

7X7 Challenge

Have you ever wished you could make the most out of what you already have in your closet?  Are you looking for new ways to pair up some of your old favorites?  Would you like to discover new outfits you didn’t even know you had?  Do you want to pack lighter for an upcoming vacation?

Then the 7 X 7 Remix Challenge is just what you need!

Next Wednesday, join me along with Natalia at Ma Nouvelle Mode and some other fabulous bloggers to make the most out of seven pieces in your closet.


1.  Choose seven pieces you can mix and match into seven outfits for seven days.  Shoes are no longer included in your item count.  Woo hoo!

2.  Accessories are unlimited,  so have fun and jazz it up any way you like.

3.  If you’re a blogger, write a post showing off your seven outfits. Posts will go live on Wednesday, July 17th.  There will also be a link up provided so you can strut your stuff.

You don’t have to be a blogger to play along.  Just pick seven pieces from your closet and then come up with new ways of combining them for a week.  You can also take photos and post them to Twitter or Instagram.

It’s Your Turn:  Are you in?  Leave me a comment and let me know!