8 Maxi Dresses for Your Fall Wardrobe

 By Cathy Habas

Now that fall is officially here again, you might be dreading the return of colder weather. But as you say goodbye to your strappy heels and dust off your trusty boots, take a look at the dresses hanging in your closet. If you’re like me, you’ll see a healthy selection of summery dresses, but nothing much in the way of fall or winter frocks. It’s time to change things up!

Who says you can’t stay warm in a dress? Fall is the perfect time to experiment with maxi dresses, leggings and a variety of fashionable jackets or shoulder coverings. In fact, there are arguably more accessories to have fun with in the fall thanks to the need to dress in layers. You can have fun choosing hats, gloves and overcoats that match your style, not to mention belts and jewelry to show off your beautiful dress!

This season, patterned maxi dresses are in, as are deep-colored dresses in monochrome. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. Special thanks to Tobi for allowing me to use their images in this article!

Arianna Dress

Set on a background of navy blue and complemented by an orange and blue paisley pattern, this maxi dress is perfect for beckoning in the changing leaves of fall. Pair this with a monochrome jacket to prevent the pattern from becoming diluted. Knee-high boots would look gorgeous peeking out from the slits on the skirt. Make a statement and step out in style with the Arianna Dress!

The Jetset Diaries Kingston Wrap Maxi Dress

The subtle earth tones in this maxi dress make it perfect for fall, especially for those who are adamant about forgoing pure white dresses after Labor Day. You get the benefit of a light color and a light texture as well. This layered skirt will allow gentle fall breezes to swirl around you easily, so bundle up with a pair of nude leggings on chillier days, and wear an open cardigan, shawl, jacket or even v-neck sweater to keep your shoulders warm while still showing off the style of the dress.


Shannara Cowl Back Maxi Dress

Need something a little more modest for a formal event this fall? You can’t go wrong with the Shannara Cowl Back Maxi Dress. In a gorgeous burgundy color, it will be in style every fall no matter what the fashion mavens say. The open back adds a touch of glamour that is perfect for a night out, but you should bring a shawl or jacket to help keep the wind away. This dress is incredibly versatile, because the front is clean and simple, meaning you can wear it while you’re running errands and no one will think you’re overdressed. This comfy dress with be your new favorite, not to mention long-lasting, partner in crime!


For Sienna Goddess Metallic Wrap Maxi Dress

This sturdy dress has a long, bold slit that comes to the upper thigh. This is another dress that could look incredibly sexy with black leather boots striding out around the fabric. Pair it with a black leather jacket, and you’ll have a simple no-nonsense outfit that will make heads turn.


Hearts Desire Maxi Dress

Here is a gorgeous dress with a unique and flattering (but still modest) bust that you won’t want to cover up with a jacket this fall. Instead, opt for a capelet or a very loose-fitting cardigan that naturally hangs by your sides to keep your shoulders warm. Ankle boots are sufficient for this maxi dress, as the skirt has no slits and naturally reaches for the floor. Like burgundy, this deep navy blue color is timeless, and this is a versatile addition to your wardrobe for virtually any season or occasion. Dress it up or down based on your needs. You’ll love how nicely this one flows!


Visions of You Maxi Dress

Viewed from the front, the Visions of You Maxi Dress is a plain, floor-length black dress with a simple curved neckline. Viewed from the back, it transforms into a stunning work of art, with blue, brown and gold tones that perfectly complement the vibes of autumn. Wear it to formal events with your hair up to show off the gorgeous pattern on the back, and pair it with a pashmina that you can easily sweep on and off as needed to keep the chill off your shoulders. Experiment with other accessories, like arm bands and gloves, to keep your neckline uncluttered.


Sand Castles Maxi Dress

This dress could be considered the cousin of the Visions of You dress. Instead of sporting a pattern on the back, this black maxi dress has a prominent design on the front. This makes it a little easier to handle the cool nights of fall while still showing off your pretty dress. Although it may not be ideal for strictly formal events, you can easily accessorize it to dress it up or down to meet your needs.


Impress Me Dress

Stay true to your love of funky patterns this fall with the Impress Me Dress. Various muted shades of pink and gold combine in a zig-zag pattern that is simply mesmerizing. This dress’ lightweight material means you’ll want to pair it with leggings to stay warm, and the low-cut back will also need to be paired with a jacket. Try an earthy tone to keep the overall color scheme subtle.


What do you think? Are you ready for fall? Will you reach for your favorite jeans for the umpteenth season in a row, or will you try something new with a maxi dress? Let us know what you love to wear when the weather turns cooler by leaving a comment below!


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