Menswear Fix: The October List

If your guy’s wardrobe could use an update, you’re going to love the new monthly feature at GYPO.  A while back, I came to the realization that many of you are helping the guys in your lives with their style decisions.  A common theme was that you were struggling to find resources and wanted something similar to the GYPO Style Challenge, but a capsule wardrobe for men.

Earlier this fall, I created a 14 day capsule wardrobe for men, the Fall 2016 Menswear Bootcamp.  It went over so well that I’ve decided to start offering you with a monthly resource, similar to the Pretty Fix but for the guys.  Since Pretty Fix doesn’t quite work in this case, let’s just simply call it the Menswear Fix.  🙂

Here are the five pieces I recommend for your guy to stay on trend this month.

October Menswear Fix

1. White Button Down

A white button down is a great staple in any closet, including your guy’s.  Invest in one with good quality that will last awhile.  Shopping Options:  One/Two/Three

2. Army Green Chinos

Army green chinos are a trendy alternative to jeans and go with everything that denim does.  Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

3. Utility Parka

This ubiquitous fall jacket works for every member of the family. Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

4. Baseball Cap

Weekends were made for ball caps.  They can be a fashionable accessory or a way to avoid hair styling.   Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

5. Leather Sneakers

Comfy and trendy, white leather sneakers looks fresh with all his casual fall outfits.  Shopping Options:  One/Two/Three


Fall 2016 Capsule Wardrobe for Men


If you liked the pieces in this month’s menswear fix, then you’ll love the Fall 2016 Menswear Bootcamp.  For only $19, you’ll get a fall shopping list of menswear classics and trends plus 14 days of mix and match outfit ideas perfect for updating his wardrobe.  Learn more and sign up HERE.



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