A Moto Jacket and Not Measuring Up

Want to know a secret?  Some days I beat myself up mercilessly over SO many things.  Recently it’s been about not having professional blog photos.

I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past year that I do more and more mirror selfies.  Honestly it’s just easier.  My husband is my blog photographer, but not a professional photographer.  He travels a lot for work so when he’s home on the weekends, the last thing I want to do is bug him to take photos.  It’s usually not worth taking quality time away from our family to do it.

Yes, I know that pretty blog photos aren’t that big of a deal but it really bothers me. I want to create a better, higher quality experience for you.

But that’s not the only reason why I feel like a “bad blogger”, I also beat myself up over not spending enough time in my private Facebook groups for the GYPO Style Challenge, actually more than anything else.  Yes, you ladies in there are more than happy and willing to take care of each other but I would LOVE to carve out more time to interact.

Honestly I think if there were three of me, I could be a lot more productive and effective.  One Alison would be dedicated to creating kick butt blog content, one Alison would interact in the Facebook groups all day and one would do the planning and creation of the GYPO Style Challenge.

Sigh…in a perfect world.

But there’s only one Alison who more than anything wants to do better as a wife and mom.  Who has made the commitment to my family to close my laptop by 5:00 pm every day.  Most days I do it but that doesn’t stop me from laying awake at night knowing I have 50 unread Facebook notifications waiting for me.

And let’s not even talk about the other things that get pushed down on the list like calling my parents or sisters more often or planning new meals instead of eating the same thing every single week or any number of other things that I wish I had the bandwidth to take on.

Most days I just feel like a giant load of not measuring up.

Not measuring up to my own unrealistic expectations as a blogger, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

And I know I’m not unique. Swap my Facebook notifications for any number of demands you have and we’re all in this together.

But I have professional photos today.

Because I know I can’t do it all perfectly all the time. But sometimes I find time to try a little harder. And sometimes it works out. But if it doesn’t that’s ok too because really we are all trying and doing our best.

Those who love us know this. They see the good we are doing, not the unrealistic never ending mental list of what we beat ourselves up over.

Thankfully perception isn’t reality.  Thanks to you amazing readers who assure me that what I do makes a difference.  Thanks to my sweet, supportive husband who builds me up and is always there.  Thanks to my sensitive kids that know just the right time to tell me that I’m more than enough as their mom.

Even though I know I can do much better in many areas, reality is I’m not truly failing.  And neither are you.

So today I bring you some real blog photos because I had the bandwidth to try a little harder. I can’t promise that they’ll be regular but I’m trying.  And at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.




[Moto Jacket:  Stitch Fix, Similar/Tank:  Similar/Jeggings:  Same/Necklace:  Chesley Mae/Earrings:  Same/Sandals:  Same]

OK, back to fashion, let’s talk about this sueded moto jacket I got in my Stitch Fix this month.  (In case you missed it last month, see Why I Gave Stitch Fix a Second Chance).

I’ve been looking for the perfect spring moto jacket for a few weeks now.  None of them quite seemed to fit the bill.  Then like a gift from above, this perfect sueded moto jacket arrived in this month’s Stitch Fix.  It fits perfectly and I wore it that same night to the HeartStories Girls Night Out that my friend Crystal hosts each month. (P.S. – If you’re local to DFW and haven’t come out to it yet, it’s a MUST DO!)  It’s the one night of the month that I actually dress up a little.

Here are the rest of the pieces in this month’s fix and my verdict on each.

1. Suede Ankle Boots – Loved these but have a pair very similar so they went back.  Plus I’m more into open toed shoes now since it’s starting to feel like spring in Texas.  I don’t think I’d get much wear from these.


2.  Frayed Hem Mid-Rise Jeans – Wanted to keep these but they were a little too big.  This is two months in a row where the jeans have been a size too big so I adjusted my sizing in my Stitch Fix profile.


3.  Blush V-Neck Sweater – I have an almost identical piece in my closet which I’m sure you’ve seen me wear on the blog a time or two.  I didn’t keep this either.


4.  Black Bow Back Blouse – Oh how I wanted to love this pretty blouse!  It has a flounced hem and the most adorable bow on the back.  Alas, I couldn’t find a way to wear that my bra strap didn’t show in the back.  So unfortunately this beauty went back (it’s much cuter in person, I promise)!


5.  Sueded Moto Jacket – Winner, winner!  Perfect right out of the box.  Amazing quality, just right weight, color and fit. This is the one piece I kept this month.  The true color is more like the photos of me wearing it above, a light beige, almost blush.  If you’re looking for a similar one, check out this great dupethis faux suede one, this striped one and this plus sized one.


Once again, I was thrilled with this month’s fix.  I felt that my stylist really got me and sent great pieces. Even though I’ve only kept one piece the past two month’s, it’s still totally worth it.  I love having these unexpected surprises arrive to add in some fun new trends.

Disclosure:  If you decide to sign up for Stitch Fix using my link, I earn a credit.  Even still, all opinions are 100% my own. Your trust is always more important than a product credit!

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