Navigating the New Silhouettes: Boxy Tops, Wide Legs, High Waists

Have you heard the news? There are A LOT of new style silhouettes on the scene for spring 2019!

It can be really hard to warm up to new trends when they’re such a significant shift in silhouette from what we’ve seen the past 10-12 years. Style is moving from skinny, slim fitting bottoms and flowy tops to wide legged pants and jeans with fitted or boxy tops. It’s a complete flip and it’s going to take some time to get used to it.

Ready to try the trends? Here’s a quick cheat sheet to navigate them…if you dare!

Spring 2019 Trend: Boxy Tops

At first glance, boxy tops appear to flatter exactly no one. But this hot spring trend is actually really cute and versatile. Boxy tops pair well with just about any type of bottom including skirts and shorts.

Pair it With: Wide Leg Pants, High Waisted Jeans, Pencil Skirts

[Tie Waist Tee/Wide Leg Pants/High Waist Jeans/Pencil Skirt]

Spring 2019 Trend: Wide Legs

Move over skinny jeans – wide leg pants and jeans are taking spring 2019 by storm. A wide leg calls for a balance in proportion. Avoid anything loose or flowy on top and be sure to tuck your shirt in when possible. Longer wide leg pants look great with heels or wedges.

Pair it With: Boxy Tops, Button Downs/Blouses, Fitted Tops

[Tie Waist Tee/Chambray Shirt/Striped Top/Wide Leg Jeans]

Spring 2019 Trend: High Waists

High waisted pants and skirts are quite possibly the most wearable of the spring 2019 trends…and the most comfortable too! Plus you can pair most of the tops you already have with them. Just be sure to half tuck at the waist to show it off.

Pair it With: Button Downs/Blouses, Boxy and Cropped Tops, Fitted Tops

[Red Wrap Blouse/Tie Waist Tee/Striped Tee/High Waist Jeans]


It’s Your Turn: Which spring 2019 trend silhouette are you most excited about?