Oprah’s Favorite Things – For the Rest of Us

Sometimes my friends give me the BEST blogging inspiration.  For instance, last month one of them inspired the first Ask Alison when she asked me to style something in her closet.  Well they’ve done it again!  Over the weekend, my friend Brandi e-mailed me with a fantastic idea.  She asked to see an affordable version of Oprah’s Favorite Things.  Well, Brandi, maybe you should start a blog because your idea is pure brilliance.  I am all over it!

So I have to confess that I hadn’t actually checked out O’s faves until I started to research this post.  Her picks are usually way out of my price range, so it just wasn’t worth the effort.  When I saw them my first thought was “if I was Oprah, those might be my favorite things too”.  But I’m not.  I’m Alison, a normal mom of three, not a media mogul, living on a normal budget and getting ready to send a kid to college in less than two years.  My favorite things are generally less than $10 – like hazelnut coffee, good cheese and dark chocolate.  Hmm, they’re all edible too.

So here it is, pretties – an affordable version of Oprah’s Favorite Things for the rest of us.  The following are selected items from her list of 68.  Sorry, I couldn’t do them all.  My family actually wanted to see me this weekend.

[Oprah’s Pick – Ralph Lauren Cableknit V-neck:  $198/Alison’s Pick – Halogen Cashmere V-neck: $79]

Upgrade to cashmere and save $119 to boot?  Well, that’s a no brainer! 

These cashmere v-necks from Nordstrom come in a rainbow of colors and at $79 each, you can get two for less than the price of one of Oprah’s Ralph Lauren pick.


[Oprah’s Pick – Coach Puffer Jacket:  $458/Alison’s Pick – Victoria’s Secret Color Block Reversible Puffer: $99]

Reversible and a quarter of the cost?  I’ll take that!

This color block reversible puffer from Victoria’s Secret has a cinched waist for a more body-concious fit and it reverses to black for a completely different look.  Two looks for the price of one!

 [Oprah’s Pick – Tory Burch Tote:  $395/Alison’s Pick – Jessica Simpson Jet Setter Tote: $98]

Try a trend for $300 less?  I’m in!

I don’t know about you but a pink sparkly bag is not something I’d carry long term – even if it is Tory Burch!  But I’d definitely try the trend for less with this cute glitter tote from Jessica Simpson.

 [Oprah’s Pick – Tom Ford Beauty Lipstick:  $192/Alison’s Pick – Burberry Lipstick Set: $72]

Luxe lipstick at half off?  I’ll pucker up for that!

I love luxe beauty products as much as the next woman.  But at almost $50 a tube this Tom Ford set is out of my comfort zone.  Thank you Burberry for allowing me to indulge in luxe lipstick for about half the price.

Oprah White Movado Watch [Oprah’s Pick – Movado White Watch:  $495/Alison’s Pick – La Mer Studded Wrap Watch: $97]

Boring for almost $500 or cool with a $400 savings?  Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner!

This La Mer wrap studded watch  is so cool that it just got put on my Christmas list.  It puts a lot more interest on your wrist than the basic white version.  Why spend almost $500 on boring?

It’s Your Turn:  Which one would you pick – Oprah’s Favorite Things or Alison’s Affordable Things?  Tell me about your favorites in the comments!

[Oprah’s Favorite Things Photos VIA]

OH, and before I forget…

Remember how I told you that today I’d show you how I styled my $20 LBD for my hubby’s holiday office party?

Yeah, well I’ve got a little story about that.

For the past five years or so, the party’s been at this swank little uptown Dallas eatery.  The kind of place where local celebrities and professional athletes hang out.  The kind of place where I feel totally out of place in a $20 LBD.

Well this year, that changed.  I found out the day of the party that it was being held at the kind of place where this hangs.

Yep, those are antlers.

Now, that’s my kind of place!

BUT I had a wardrobe emergency.

So naturally, I shopped my attic.  ATTIC?!?  Yep, that’s right.

I found a sweater up there that I love but haven’t worn in years.  It went perfectly with my new statement necklace.  My 8 year-old helped style the look, she picked out the leopard heels.  Then we added skinny jeans and a tank and VOILA!

Instant casual holiday party outfit!

(Excuse the boxes in the background.  We are STILL decorating…three weeks later.)

Total outfit cost = $0.

I’ve owned all of these pieces for years.  I mean I paid for them at one time, I’m not a thief or anything.  Just no new cost incurred!

I kept the $20 LBD.  It was only $20 after all and maybe I’ll use it next year.

But I’m sort of hoping they stick with the antler place.  It was way more fun!

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