Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

by Lisa Trigsted of Get Neat with Lisa

Hello! I’m Lisa Trigsted, owner and lead organizer of Get Neat with Lisa, a professional organizing service here in Dallas, TX.  I’m so honored to be a guest blogger here today! Now it’s time to organize your closet!

Let’s Talk Closets

With spring cleaning in the air, we’ve been doing a ton of closet makeovers. I recommend resetting your closet twice a year, once in spring and then again in the fall. By going through your closets twice a year, you’re guaranteed to keep your wardrobe up to speed. I did this with my kiddos too. It was a great opportunity to spend one on one time with them as well as teaching them how to organize.

If it’s been years since you cleaned out your closet, you’ll need to set aside more time for this process. That’s because you will need to take everything out of your closet. Yes, you read that correctly, everything! When we come to help you, we bring rolling racks to help with this project, but you can start with small sections of your closet, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you do this initial clean-out, the twice-a-year resets will be a breeze!

The goal here is to touch every single item in your closet. Make a quick pass-through to take everything out that you already know you don’t wear or love anymore. Set up a donation bag to immediately put these items into. I always keep a donation basket in my closet so I can edit as I go. Keep doing this over and over until you have curated and kept only the items that you love, wear, and make you feel great!

After touching every item in your closet, it’s time to put it all back in.

Closet Cleanout and Organziation Tips

1. Use Matching Hangers

Use all matching hangers to cut down on visual clutter. When all the hangers match, it calms your mind and calms your space. You can find affordable options here.

2. Create Zones

Set up zones in your closet. Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Purses, Shoes, Accessories, Sweaters. You can even subcategorize into workout, casual, and work attire. This way there is no problem finding exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll have a plan for when you’re putting things away.

3. Color Code

I love to color code my closet. This helps me in two ways. I immediately see how many of a certain color item I have. I can easily see that I have 20 black tops lol, so I know I don’t need any more black tops. It also helps calm the space when everything is color-coded. I start each color with tank tops, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and then jackets. Same with pants and dresses.

Sweaters folded and organized by color.

4. Be honest with Yourself

When organizing your closet the most important questions you can ask yourself are:

  • When was the last time you wore each item?
  • Do you love how you feel in it?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Would you buy it again today?

5. Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Use stacking storage boxes or over-the-door organizers to utalize all that vertical space that often goes unused in closets. Measure the top shelf to the ceiling to help you purchase the correct amount. Now, same as above, ask yourself the above questions with each pair of shoes.

6. Coordination Bins

Use coordinating bins with lids to stack and store accessories, off-season clothing, hats, sweaters, purses, and bags. Be sure to label the bins so you know exactly what is in each bin. Style your closet to be your own personal boutique. Even the smallest of closets can exude this feeling for you.

7. ‘One In, One Out’ Rule

Practice the ‘one in, one out’ rule. Now that you’ve organized your entire closet, every time you bring in a new item, an old one must leave. This helps you to stop and think, do I really need this? What in my current closet can I let go of to make room for this purchase? Nine times out of ten, when I ask myself these questions, I put the item back on the rack and leave the store.


Turn all your hangers backward after you do this initial cleanout. As you wear each item, turn the hanger back around, and at the end of each season, you’ll see what you didn’t wear. Statistics show (and I know this to be true) that most of us wear only 20% of what we own. 

Getting organized will help you save time, feel calm, ease anxiety, save money, and I guarantee it will make you feel lighter and happier. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients that will testify to this.  Follow these tips, and you too can have an organized closet. Need help? We are only a message away. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. for all our before and afters, as well as daily tips for an organized life.

Your turn! Is your closet in need of a fresh start? What other areas are you eager to organize?

About Lisa
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Lisa Trigsted owns and operates Get Neat with Lisa, a home organization company located in North Dallas, Texas. Prior to becoming an organizer, she enjoyed careers both as a teacher and marketing exec for a radio station. Lisa grew up in beautiful Idaho, the oldest of seven children. It was her parents that instilled in her a work ethic that she attributes in part, to her success as a professional organizer today. She loves helping her clients take back their spaces while creating beautiful organizational systems that work! She can come to your home in person or virtually! Lisa is excited to announce her own product line, now available on HSN!