Outfit Formulas® and the 8 Pieces I Bought for Spring!

Hi Pretties! I have to be honest, I kind of struggled with this Coffee Chat. It’s all about spring style which totally makes sense, yet with everything that is going on, it sort of felt frivolous to me. Then I went on the Facebook Pretties page and started seeing that so many of you were posting that this is exactly the distraction and the diversion that you need right now in your lives. Everything is crazy, you’re working from home, you have your kids home unexpectedly, everything on the news and in your feeds feels depressing yet GYPO and the other Pretties are a welcome distraction. So for the sake of more distraction, I wanted to tell you a little about why I decided to change Style Challenges to Outfit Formulas® and also share with you the eight items I bought for spring. For more details, check out my Coffee Chat video below.

Style Challenges to Outfit Formulas®

First I want to start off by saying that nothing has changed, just the name. Our capsule wardrobe builder program is exactly the same program that it’s always been. I felt like it was time for a rebrand for a few different reasons. Number one, the term style challenges was always so confusing. I would have people say to me, “what’s the challenge? Who wins the prize?” It was hard to explain the program, the challenge was getting out of your comfort zone but that ended up not translating well with the Style Challenges name.

The second and bigger reason that I wanted to do this rebranding was that I felt like the Outfit Formulas® name truly captured the spirit of inclusivity that the program offered. Outfit Formulas® is just that, it’s a formula that you can adapt to your lifestyle, to your body, to your budget and to make work for you. I wanted to create something that really democratized personal style and that made it affordable for everyone. I wanted something where women could have access to a framework, a program, a system that makes it easy not only to shop for the pieces that she needs to complete her wardrobe but also to show you how to pair up the pieces and what to put together. I want you to have a closet you love because you were able to buy the pieces you love and that work with your budget and fit your body shape. There is no “one size fits all” and I want every woman to feel confident and beautiful no matter what. I just feel like Outfit Formulas® captures so much more of that spirit of inclusivity than Style Challenges did. So going forward, you’ll be seeing the name Outfit Formulas® instead of Style Challenge. 

What I Bought for Spring

Now on to the eight pieces I bought for spring. I limited myself to eight items this season. They were all on sale and I really tried to stick to a budget for buying new clothes because I feel like I have a really good base of closet staples already. If you don’t feel that you have a good base of closet staples, you can click here and download the Closet Staples Wardrobe Builder Shopping List to help you out. But if you do have all of these closets staples in place, then it’s easy just to add in a few new, fun trends which is exactly what I did. Check them out below!

1. J.Crew Factory Pink Pleated Skirt

This pink pleated skirt from J.Crew Factory totally took me out of my comfort zone but I thought it was just too pretty to pass up so I ordered it anyway. I’m really happy I did! I’m pairing it up with a striped top, denim jacket and did I mention it looks great with white sneakers? Trust me, it really does.

2. J.Crew Factory Nautical Striped Top

I’m obsessed with striped tops, but you guys know that already. I think at one point I had 15 in my closet. I find that every few years I need to upgrade or change out or get a different style. This striped top from J.Crew Factory appealed to me because I love these little gold buttons on the shoulder. They are very on-trend with the nautical themes you’re going to be seeing this spring. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of sizes left so here is a link to a similar shirt with the gold button detail.

3. J.Crew Factory Kelly Green Cardigan

So far this kelly green sweater from J.Crew Factory is one of my most worn pieces. It pairs up perfectly with a striped top and it’s just a nice light layering piece. This color is also selling out in select sizes but don’t worry, there are many other colors to choose from. However, if you have your heart set on a kelly green cardigan, I found a similar one.

4. Old Navy Pink Floral Top

After looking through my closet I realized one of the gaps I really needed to fill was floral tops. The only floral top I had was in a blue and yellow color palette and I really wanted something with some pink. I found this awesome floral top at Old Navy and it had just the color palette I was looking for.

5. Old Navy Olive Floral Top

Image result for Sleeveless V-Neck Keyhole Top for Women olive

In addition to the floral top above, I decided to bring this one home with me too. I haven’t worn this floral top yet but it’s a sleeveless kind of shell with an olive background. It has that pretty blush pink in it, too, which I can pair up with my next purchase. Since buying this floral top, I can’t find it on the Old Navy web site anymore but there’s still a chance you may find it in stores when they open back up again. If not I found a similar one that might work for you. 

6. Old Navy Blue/White Striped Top

Next, I added this cute little blue and white striped top from Old Navy. It’s got a little flutter sleeve which I think it’s going to be adorable with some white jeans or white shorts. I’m also going to pair it up with some colored denim. I don’t know what color I’m going to do yet but I’m thinking maybe a bright pink would look cute on the bottom with these. What do you think?

7. Old Navy Soft Pink Cardigan

This was another gap in my closet. I needed a new pink cardigan, so I got this open-front cardigan from Old Navy in a dusty pink color. I’ve also gotten a ton of use out of this piece. My favorite combination is when I pair it up with a gray graphic tee and my white jeans with my snake print flats.

8. J.Crew Factory Graphic Sweatshirt

Last but not least, I got this graphic sweatshirt from J.Crew Factory. Because this is such an in-between time of the year I was torn between choosing a graphic tee or a graphic sweatshirt. I have a lot of graphic t-shirts already, so I decided to go with the graphic sweatshirt. I like throwing this on with my boyfriend jeans and my white Adidas sneakers. It’s just a quick, easy and fun outfit.

*Originally in the Coffee Chat video, I mentioned they had this in a t-shirt as well, but it turns out it’s a girls’ size shirt and not a women’s. Whoops! Sorry about that. I’m going to post the link anyway just in case we have some pretties who can work with those sizes or maybe you want some mother/daughter wear. Either way here’s the link

Let me know what you’re buying for spring. I would love to hear what pieces you’re adding to your collection and what gaps you’re trying to fill! 


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