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Welcome to the sixth and final week of Build Your Outfit Basics.  BYOB is a series built around my Five Wardrobe Basics for Real Moms.  Each week I’ve featured one of my favorite essentials along with some affordable options to help you build or add onto your own wardrobe.

In week one, I featured dark wash skinny jeans.  Week two was all about fabulous, cute and comfy flats, week three featured one of my favorites, scarves and in week four I confessed to my total obsession with cardigans. Week Five‘s outfit builders, tees and tanks build the foundation for everything else.

And this week, it’s all about fun, fun, fun!

This outfit builder wasn’t even included in the original Five Wardrobe Essentials post.  But I have to pay homage to it, because it truly is an outfit maker.


I have to admit that I used to be scared of statement jewelry.  My accessories have always been pretty simple – wedding rings, small earrings and possibly a tiny necklace.  Then last summer, that all changed.  Before our annual beach vacation, I decided to add some new chunky jewelry into the mix…and I was hooked.

I was amazed at how the right necklace could transform my boring white tees and tanks into something really special.  Then I branched out into earrings, cuffs, stacked bangles and most recently cocktail rings.  Now I have a whole slew of statement jewelry and love how it inexpensively adds a wow factor to just about anything.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.


Turquoise Bubble Necklace Set]

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include every blogger’s favorite – the bubble necklace. This hit the scene big time this year after J. Crew debuted it and everyone and their brother knocked it off. Here is one of my favorite knock-offs which includes the earrings too for just $29.99.

[Sparkle Collar Necklace]

Bibs and collar necklaces have also made a big splash and add just the right amount of sophistication to any simple style.

[Peacock Beaded Necklace]

One of my beaded faves. Gorgeous colors, perfect for a crisp white tee or button down. This just makes me want to go on a tropical vacation!

Bracelets and Cuffs

[Chunky Abstract Bracelet]

Oh my goodness.  Get on my wrist. This stunner adds a whole lot of style for not a whole lotta loot.

[Fallen Branches Indie Cuff]

Exquisite detailing ensures that this will be the most complimented piece of jewelry you own.

[Lime Enamel Bangle]

Enamel bangles in bright fun hues add a pop of color to everything.

Cocktail Rings

[Enamel Dome Cocktail Ring]

This stunner was featured in Oprah Magazine.  At a reasonable price, even we regular girls can afford to flaunt jewels like the fabulous O.

[Geode Gold Rope Ring]

Earthy, natural and simply perfect.

[Orange Neon Ring]

I snagged this pretty at Target last week on clearance.  It’s been on my finger as much as possible ever since.


[Peach Tear Drop Earrings]

I have a pair of these in green and love them so very much.

[Beaded Branch Earrings]

The nature theme is another trend I’m totally on board with.  These beaded beauties capture it exquisitely.

[Chandelier Earrings]

You can’t go wrong with chandelier earrings.  The art deco style of this faceted pair works with just about everything.

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your favorite way to make a statement with jewelry?  Tell me in the comments.


Over the past six weeks many of you have been participating in the Payday Pretty Challenge by taking $20 out of the weekly budget to do something pretty for yourselves.  I hope that you will commit to continuing this challenge throughout the new year and showing me what you get.

This week’s final challenge winner of a $20 Target gift card is…

Sheaffer S.

Congrats Sheaffer!

Your gift card is in the mail.  I hope that you’ll do something pretty for yourself with it.

Stay pretty,


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