Pretty Fix: The January 2017 List

Welcome to the first Pretty Fix of 2017 and this month is all about activewear!  I can already hear you saying “but I thought we were supposed to be getting OUT of our yoga pants?!?”  Yes, while that’s true, so is this.  I spend every morning of my life in workout gear, even when I don’t work out.  It’s sort of my “transition outfit” from pajamas into real clothes.  The important thing is getting dressed in real clothes, which usually happens late morning for me.  So it’s important to have the right pieces in place since I wear these clothes more than any other type.

If you’ve set a resolution to get more active in the new year, I can tell you from personal experience that having new workout gear is incredibly motivating!  There’s no time like the present to get yours in place as motivation (or reward) for working out.

This month’s fix is made up of pieces that I’m actually wearing for my workouts and daily dog walks.  Better yet? Almost all of it is ON SALE!

Here’s your January 2017 Pretty Fix.

Pretty Fix – January 2017

1. Compression Sports Bra

I like the padded kind that holds everything in place while still being comfortable.  This one is on sale.  Here are some other options:  1/2/3

2. Sweat Wicking Tank Top

A light layer like this is a workout staple year round.  This one is on clearance!  Here are some other options:  1/2/3

3. Funnel Hood Sweatshirt

You’re going to want something warm like this funnel hood sweatshirt to slip on for your outdoor workouts.  This one is on sale!  Here are some other options:  1/2/3

4. Mid-Rise Leggings

Black workout leggings are a must have.  This pair is on sale!  Here are some other options:  1/2/3

5. Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 Running Shoes

The holy grail of running shoes!  I searched high and low for the right shoes.  The older I get, the more particular my feet are about what I put on them.  These Air Max Tailwind 8 running shoes are so comfortable, they feel like running on clouds. They are also on sale!  Here are some other options:  1/2/3

Activewear Capsule


If you’re ready to get serious about building an activewear capsule that works for anything, check out the 2017 Activewear Mini-Capsule. It opens Friday and will be available for just $19!

Start the year off right with a new activewear wardrobe to motivate you toward your health goals. The Activewear Mini-Capsule includes:

  • 14 days of activewear outfits ideal for winter and spring workouts
  • 19 piece workout wardrobe capsule plus accessories
  • Ideal for all gym and outdoor activities, including walking, running, yoga, weightlifting, tennis and more! Also includes comfortable loungewear options
  • Includes plus size options


As a health and fitness coach, Lauren understands the need for workout wear to be comfortable and functional. Her picks for this capsule include pieces with moisture-wicking technology to help regulate body temperature and prevent chafing. She has also chosen pieces that have mesh or other built-in ventilation features. Several of the lines have anti-microbial technology which combats odors. It’s really important for those who are newer to working out or running to have proper footwear to prevent injury, footwear options with more cushioning are recommended. As far as materials, items with a higher percentage of spandex are included for greater tension to give you a tighter feel and more support. If you don’t like the compression aspect and feel restricted, looser options are also included.
Great looking (and feeling) workout wear is the ultimate motivator! Get your workout capsule wardrobe ready with the 2017 Activewear Capsule, opening on Friday.

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