Pretty Fix – Now and Later

We’re in that weird time of the year where it’s still summer but we’re already thinking about fall. The time of year where the weather can change instantly. One day we’re wearing shorts and the next we’re busting out our cardigans. That’s why for this month’s Pretty Fix I’m featuring a look that can easily be modified no matter what the upcoming weather holds.

This look starts out with, you guessed it, one of my Outfit Formulas®! For the initial Pretty Fix look I started with a neutral cardigan but opted for a sleeveless floral top and medium wash jean shorts. This is perfect for those days where it’s chilly in the morning or perhaps the chill comes in the evenings where you live. Either way, you’re covered. Still too hot out? Skip the cardigan and stick with sandals. Too chilly for shorts? Swap in medium wash jeans and taupe mules or slip-ons.

If you’re new to GYPO, let me tell you what the Pretty Fix is. The Pretty Fix is where I feature a complete look using one of my Outfit Formulas® that mixes classic closet staples with a few trends that you can add to keep your closet feeling fresh. This month’s Pretty Fix trend is versatility….and a fun floral top! Remember to shop your closet first but if you have any gaps, there are links below with some great options for each of the pieces used. Now let’s check out today’s Pretty Fix look!

Neutral Cardigan + Floral Printed Top + Medium Wash Bottoms + Taupe Shoes

1. Neutral Cardigan

This may not be anything you don’t already know, but a simple neutral cardigan is a majorly versatile closet staple. It can be worn for multiple seasons and is the perfect layering piece as we head towards fall. While a thicker one is great for winter, a lighter one will serve you well during the spring and fall. It looks great paired up with shorts as shown above but when the temp gets too cool, it pairs great with jeans.

2. Floral Print Top

Floral prints are still trending hard going into the fall and I’m loving the color combinations. They were great for adding detail during the summer without adding heat but also pair well with a cardigan. I am noticing some of the bright floral prints are giving way to more earth tones and rich color tones. Either way, don’t pack away your floral tops just yet. For this look, I opted for a sleeveless version and the ruffle details make it perfect to stand alone or work with a cardigan.

3. Medium Wash Bottoms

If you only have one wash of jeans, a medium wash is the most versatile. I prefer a medium wash that also has more of a vintage look than a bright blue look. I think that tends to be a more classic look and wash. Although high-rise jeans are super on-trend, medium-rise jeans are available so pick whatever rise you feel most comfortable in, not just what’s trendy. I’ve paired this look with jean shorts but a denim skirt would work too. When the weather starts to turn you can easily swap in some crop jeans or ankle-length skinny jeans. Now you’re prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you!

4. Taupe Shoes

Oh yes, taupe sandals, slides, and booties oh my! This color goes with everything and surprisingly does come in different shades. Some taupe shades lean more towards the gray side while others lean more towards the brown or beige color family. Again, this is a very versatile color and for this look, I paired some great sandals for the hot, summer version and then opted for mules in my fall version. This look would also work with some taupe slip ons or even some ankle boots if you’re feeling an extra cozy look is in order.

5. Neutral handbag

Another timeless closet staple is a neutral handbag. For this look, I choose a cross between a hobo and a tote but a crossbody would also work. While I went with a brown handbag, black would also work as would gray. It’s really just personal preference. If you tend to lean towards cooler colors you may get more use out of a black handbag. But, if you tend to gravitate towards the warmer colors, a brown handbag may go with more of your closet. Again, it’s all personal preference, just be sure to pick a handbag that works with your lifestyle and fits all the items you carry daily.

6. Drop Earrings

Drop earrings, statement earrings, call them what you will but the print and ruffles on this top add enough detail that these earrings are more than enough. You want them to complement the top without competing with it. If you prefer a smaller earring a simple hoop or even a stud will work as well. As a side note, don’t be afraid to mix metals. The rules of all silver or all gold don’t really apply anymore. Have fun with your accessories!

Your turn! Are you ready for fall cardigans or will you be holding on to the summer version as long as possible?

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