Pretty Fix – October

Happy October everyone and welcome to the Pretty Fix! I can’t believe it’s already October! It seems like not long ago we were all excited to welcome spring and with that, the warmer weather and now here we are looking forward to some of that crisp fall air. I’m excited for this month’s Pretty Fix because I’m showcasing one of this season’s more intimidating trends, wide leg jeans. If you’ve been on this earth as long as I have, then this probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen this trend. Did you love them before? But now the question is, “How to wear them the second time around?” Today’s Pretty Fix features one easy way to style your wide leg jeans, but if you’d like to see more ideas, click here.


1. Gold Drop Earrings

I love a great set of gold earrings but I’m particularly partial to these earrings from A+A.😉They pair perfectly with this look however you can also opt for a simple gold hoop or stud.


2. Plum Blouse

This is one of my favorite fall colors! Because the shade can vary from a pretty wine color to a rich berry, you’re sure to find a shade that looks great with your skin tone. For this particular outfit, pick a shirt that is either more form fitting or long enough that you can do a full tuck or half tuck.


3. Wide Leg Jeans

I’ve said this with other items and wide leg jeans are no exception, it’s all about proportions! Because they are looser around the hips and get wider as they go down to the ankle, it’s important not to lose your waist. The key is wearing either a more form fitting shirt or a shirt that you can tuck in. Now whether you do the full tuck or the half tuck, that’s more of a personal preference, just be sure not to lose your waist.


4. Black Ankle Boots

You can never go wrong with having a pair of black ankle boots. They are an essential fall closet staple and can be worn with multiple styles of pants from skinny to bootcut and in this case, wide leg.


5. Layered Necklace

A layered necklace is the perfect middle ground between a simple pendant and a statement necklace. The many layers make it seem bigger but because the layers are usually dainty, it’s not quite as bold as a statement necklace would be. This is a great piece to have around and because many layered necklaces are able to be separated, you can create multiple looks with just one piece.



6. Black Handbag

Another closet staple you can’t go wrong with is having a timeless black handbag that you love! If you plan on investing in this piece, make sure to pick one that suits your lifestyle and what you carry in your purse on a daily basis. If it’s too small or too big it will spend more time in your closet then on your arm.


Bonus: Flare Jeans

If you’re still not sure about the wide leg jeans it’s okay. I always say that you should step outside your comfort zone once in a while but not to the point where you feel totally unsure or uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. With this look, you can easily swap out the wide leg jeans with some flare jeans. They are still very much on trend for the season but fit a little tighter around the waist and legs and start to flare after the knee.



In Real Life

Below I’m wearing this month’s Pretty Fix with one exception, I substituted the black ankle boots and wore my snake print booties. Unfortunately, they are sold out but here is a similar pair. I am just loving the way this outfit looks and feels and the plum blouse is perfect for fall. The shirt I’m wearing was so popular it’s also sold out but there are plenty of options above for you to choose from.

Your turn! Are you going to give wide leg jeans a try? Is it a heck yes or a no?