Pretty Fix – Outfit Formulas Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

The Pretty Fix took a few months off but now it’s back and what better way to welcome it back than with a cozy and versatile fall outfit formula! It’s no surprise that fall trends aren’t as groundbreaking as they may have been in years past. The world has changed and with its current state, the trends are either a continuation of last season or a return of something classic and simple, and honestly, I’m okay with that. I love that I’m able to get even more use out of some of the extra pieces I picked up last fall and I know any classic pieces will last me many seasons to come. Some of my favorite trends this season include color and prints which is why I’m drooling over the below outfit formula. It combines classic closet staples like the white tee and olive bottoms and pairs them with some fun snake print shoes and a cardigan in a beautiful, rich fall color.

Since it’s been a while since I featured the Pretty Fix and we have some new Pretties I wanted to tell you what it’s all about. The Pretty Fix is where I feature some fun trend pieces that you can easily add to your closet staples pieces or even offer style inspiration on different ways to pair up pieces you may already have. While I do love adding a few new pieces every so often, my main passion is curating pieces that will never go out of style, that I can pair up in endless ways and that I will enjoy year after year. What’s even more exciting is that the below look is just part of the Outfit Formulas® Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe which features even more ways to style the below pieces.

Fall Color Cardigan + White Tee + Olive Bottoms + Snake Print Shoes

1. Fall Color Cardigan

The cardigan is a classic and a quintessential item for fall plus it’s the first thing I reach for once the chill finally comes back into the air. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, it’s never a bad thing to have a few different cardigans in your arsenal because they are so versatile. It’s no surprise that fall is all about color, specifically a golden yellow or mustard color as well as rust. However, I also know not everyone is a fan of mustard but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t use this outfit formula and make it your own. Since olive bottoms are neutral you can style this look with pretty much any color cardigan such as burnt orange, plum, or burgundy.

2. White Tee

This closet staple needs no introduction. It’s perfect for pairing up with shorts in the summer and layer under sweaters in the fall. Although a white tee is pretty simple and straight forward there are still a few design options you can choose from. You can choose from a V-neck, crew or scoop neck, long sleeve or short and also a loose or a more fitted silhouette. This is another item that it’s okay to have multiples in your closet as long as they are not the exact same thing. Sometimes different situations call for a different white tee.

3. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings go with everything! They come in multiple designs, sizes and metals and are perfect for this look. I love adding this classic earring to my looks.

4. Neutral Handbag

Another closet staple workhorse, the neutral handbag is a must! While I styled this look with a black handbag you could easily opt for a brown or cognac bag especially if your snake print shoes have some brown undertones to them. Since this is something you’ll be able to pair up with pretty much any look, a neutral handbag makes a great investment piece, just be sure to pick something that’s not too trendy and more on the timeless side. Also, choose one that fits your lifestyle and will fit what you typically carry on a daily basis.

5. Olive Bottoms

I love olive pants! They are a great neutral and the perfect alternative when you want something other than jeans. They can easily elevate your look while still being casual and the olive color pairs perfectly with all the other beautiful colors of fall! And since pretty much every silhouette is in style this season you can’t go wrong with a skinny cut, boot cut, button fly, or even a wide leg. Just remember if you’re going to opt for a looser bottom like a boyfriend or even an olive jogger, opt for a top that’s a little more form-fitting to balance out the proportions.

6. Snake Print Shoes

Let’s talk about snake print shoes or even just snake print in general. It’s a trend that’s sticking around, it’s a neutral so it goes with anything and it’s an easy way to amp up your outfit. However, I know there are some that just can’t get on board with this print and that’s totally okay. There are a few easy substitutions you can make if you don’t want to use the snake print. Try a metallic shoe or even opt for a black or gray shoe. Another option is that you can pick a solid shoe but opt for one that has a snake scale texture. It’s a very subtle way to add snake print without actually having snake print. In addition to some great snake print shoe options, I’ve also included some great alternative options below.

Snake Print Alternatives

7. Wrap Bracelet

The wrap bracelet is one of those fun accessories I like to finish off my outfit with. I like the little bit of subtle edge they can add. If you’re not a fan of the wrap bracelet you can easily add just one or even try a cuff bracelet. Another alternative if you don’t have a wrap bracelet is to take a few of your favorite bracelets and mix them together, they don’t even have to be the same metal but they will still give that wrap bracelet look.

Your turn! What piece is your favorite?

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