Pretty Fix – The June 2020 List

For this month’s Pretty Fix I’m going nautical with one of my favorite summer trends, the sailor shorts! Don’t let the name intimidate you or think of this as a costume look. Actually the sailor short is really quite a classic that’s making a comeback this season. The main hallmark of the sailor short are the buttons going up each side around the pelvic bone area. And if shorts aren’t your thing, don’t worry! This button detail is also available in pants and crops. I’m also sneaking a second trend into this look but in a subtle way – ruffles. Now when I say ruffles I’m not talking about big 80s prom dress type ruffles but just a little something to add in some detail to the top. It can be as simple as a ruffled hemline or even some flutter sleeves. It’s all about these little details that add tons of extra interest to any summer outfit.

If you’re new to GYPO you may be asking what exactly is the Pretty Fix? The Pretty Fix is where I pick a seasonal trend and build an outfit around it typically using closet staples. Sometimes I do like to sprinkle in another trend as was this case for this look. It’s a great way to mix up your wardrobe and possibly add something fun to your closet. It’s can also help provide outfit inspiration for items you may already have.

For this look I wanted to stay pretty classic. I started with a beautiful pair of navy sailor shorts but found ones with subtle buttons to show that there are many options out there whether you want the buttons to be bold or a little more subdued. Then I paired it with a white top and neutral shoes. I knew this look needed some pops of color and decided to add that through a Kelly green handbag and some fantastic multicolored earrings. To finish it off I added some classic tortoise shell sunglasses perfect for any summer day.

1. White Flutter Sleeve Top

Ruffles can be seen everywhere this summer but sometimes there is such a thing as too much. That’s why I am loving the subtle ruffle of this white flutter sleeve top. The cut of this top is simple and flattering and the sleeves are a great detail. Plus this is also a great closet staple and will go with any color bottoms. Easily mix up this look by opting for a bright color top and swapping out the kelly green handbag for a white or neutral one.

2. Navy Sailor Bottoms

Nautical pieces are very popular this summer just as they were in the spring and these navy sailor shorts add just the right touch to any outfit. The button details going up the sides are really cute and I have seen them in a variety of colors. I chose navy for this look because it’s a great neutral and can go with any color top. I also love the white sailor shorts, crops and pants I’ve been seeing. Flip the formula with white bottoms and a navy top for a whole new look!

3. Neutral Shoes

You can never go wrong with a neutral pair of shoes in your arsenal. When I’m not wearing my white sneakers I love wearing my wedges. They are perfect for summer and standing at only 5’4″, they offer me just a little extra height to keep up with my towering family. And if you’re a flats girl, there are plenty of options that will work perfectly for this look and many, many others.

4. Kelly Green Handbag

If you’ve watched any of my Coffee Chats or checked out the blog before then you may know one of the items I was most excited about for spring was my Kelly green cardigan. To me, the color is just amazing and fits in perfectly with the nautical trend. Since it might be a little too hot for a cardigan this time of year, I added the next best thing to this look, a Kelly green handbag. It’s the perfect pop of color and the color is actually pretty timeless. If green isn’t for you, this look could also be styled with a yellow, orange, or even a white handbag.

5. Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Another classic. I love mixing classic pieces with trendy ones. I feel like it’s an easy way to update my classic pieces without breaking the bank to buy a whole new wardrobe every year because who really wants to do that? The tortoise shell sunglasses complement this look beautifully and again, it’s a piece you can get multiple wears from. Plus you can pair them with brown or black accents making them very versatile.

6. Colorful Earrings

What’s better than one pop of color? How about two pops of color? It’s summertime and accessories are the easiest way to add tons of interests without adding heat so I say why not have fun with it! I love these multicolored earrings and because they have multiple colors, they will work for multiple looks.

Your turn! What piece is your favorite? Are you onboard for the nautical pieces or are they something that should sail away?