Pretty Fix: The September List + What is Stylegistix?

September is my absolute favorite month of the year!  Not only because it’s my birthday month but also because it’s always felt like a new beginning.  The weather starts to cool off, my pumpkin scented candles come out and my favorite pieces to wear are out of storage and back into my closet.  Fall dressing is the best with all of it’s layering opportunities.  It’s just so much more fun to create outfits this time of the year!

If you’re new around here, the Pretty Fix is a monthly feature at Get Your Pretty On that features my top five picks for the month that you can shop for on your own to stay in style. The idea for it was born out of frustration that some of you have had with other monthly box services that you feel “miss the mark”.

The Fall 2016 GYPO Style Challenge will be opening next week so this month’s fix features five pieces from the challenge shopping list.  You can shop with confidence knowing that each of these pieces will be paired up at least four different ways if you decide to join the challenge!

Consider me your personal shopper. Here’s your September Pretty Fix.

September Pretty Fix

September Pretty Fix

1. Utility Parka

Military jackets are the perfect light fall layer.  This year’s version has been updated with less structure for a more relaxed look.  Shopping Options:  One/Two/Three

2. Distressed Jeans

Light wash jeans with a little distressing are super comfy and always on trend.  Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

3. Utility Blouse

A tab sleeved blouse or tunic is a fall staple.  When you find one you love, get it in multiple colors.  Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

4. Slip On Sneakers

Slip on sneakers in a neutral color are a comfortable and chic replacement for your standby ballet flats.   Shopping Options: One/Two/Three

5. Delicate Necklace

Move over statement necklaces and pendants, fall’s jewelry is all about delicate layers.  This piece will be your everyday staple.  Shopping Options:  One/Two/Three


Stylegistix End of Post Graphic

What is Stylegistix?

You may have noticed lately that I’ve been sharing some news about Stylegistix, my new tech platform that allows bloggers and stylists to create, sell and deliver their own online styling programs.

Offering the GYPO Style Challenge, my seasonal capsule wardrobe program, to my readers has been one of the biggest blessings of my life that extends FAR beyond the business.  I started Stylegistix because I wanted to help other bloggers positively impact the lives of women while growing and diversifying their blogs and businesses.

I know how costly and time consuming it is to invest in the technology and team to deliver a program like this.  It cost me tens of thousands of dollars over the course of two years to set it up and deliver it the way I wanted to.  Once I had the platform completed, other bloggers and stylists started asking if I could set it up for them too.  That’s how the idea for Stylegistix was born. Because I already have the platform, I’m able to offer it to bloggers, stylists and retailers to create and sell their own online style programs for a fraction of what it cost me.

Stylegistix is off to an amazing start!  We’re working with several clients in the US, Australia and UK to roll out their signature style programs.  You can check out their programs HERE.  The best news of all is that so far all of our clients have made back their initial investment in the program within 24 hours of registration opening! It’s been a virtually risk-free business model.

If you’re on the Stylegistix e-mail list, you’ll be getting a very personal cautionary tale from me this week about the impact of losing 40% of my blog traffic in a single month last year.  The scary thing is I had ZERO control over it and if you’re a blogger, it could happen to you too.  I’ll share with you how diversifying my business with my style program helped me to bounce back and have more traffic than ever before.  If you’re not on the Stylegistix e-mail list yet, you can sign up HERE.

I also shared my advice over on IFB last week, you can learn even more about diversifying your blog through passive income products in this article.


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