Pretty Fix – Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has been creeping around the last few seasons but now it’s in full bloom as we get closer to transitioning from winter to spring. If this trend has got you thinking ‘heck no’ don’t be so hasty in your decision. I will admit you’re not alone if just the phrase alone has you thinking of a kaleidoscope of bright and bold colors or homemade kits with rubber bands and squeeze bottles of colored dye, but tie-dye has upped its game. Yes, tie-dye can still be bold but it can also be monochromatic with muted tones and soft colors. It can be fun, versatile – sophisticated even and can look good on everyone. There are so many options out there that I think the hardest part may be picking just one.

For this month’s Pretty Fix I decided to tackle this trend and put what I’m calling a sophisticated spin on tie-dye. I’m pairing it with some classic closet staples and then adding in another pop of color for some extra fun. I styled this look to be crisp and slightly minimalist just to show that tie-dye can be simple. Don’t be afraid to try this fun trend whether this is your first time around or you’ve done tie-dye before, it really is something everyone can rock.

For those of you who are new, you’re probably wondering what the Pretty Fix is all about. First, welcome! We’re happy to have you here. Second, the Pretty Fix is where I pick out a fun trend or two that you can incorporate with some classic closet staples. It’s a fun way to keep your closet looking fresh without feeling like you have to buy a ton of new items. I’ll then give you an outfit formula that you can easily adapt to your climate and lifestyle. I also provide links to similar items just in case you have any additional gaps in your closet you want to fill. Now that you know what the Pretty Fix is, let’s check out this month’s tie-dye look!

Tie-Dye Top + White Bottoms + White Sneakers + Colorful Handbag

1. Tie-Dye Top

Tie-dye is definitely having its moment and why not? It’s fun, it goes with almost everything and it can be colorful or more muted. There’s a little something for everyone and it’s perfect for going into spring. Think of tie-dye as just another print that you can mix and match into your outfits. For this look, I kept it simple and styled a navy and white tie-dye sweatshirt but with the neutral base, you could really pick any tie-dye top you like.

2. White Bottoms

While this look would style perfectly with a pair of medium wash jeans or even leggings, the white jeans just spoke to me plus they’re an awesome closet staple. I love the way they create a crisp look and they are perfect to finish off winter and head into spring. If it’s already warming up where you live, white shorts would go perfectly with this look too. White bottoms are timeless and once you find a pair you love, you’ll realize just how versatile they are year-round.

3. White Sneakers

Just because I’m giving this look a sophisticated spin does not mean I don’t want to be comfortable too and what’s more comfortable and cute than a pair of white sneakers? I’ve been wearing my white sneakers more and more and I love how versatile they are. If white sneakers just aren’t your thing you could also pair this up with a pair of taupe ankle boots or flats.

4. Colorful Handbag

Colorful handbags are super on-trend heading into spring and add the perfect pop of color. A bag of skittles provided the perfect inspiration and this orange handbag did not disappoint. The hardest part was picking just one color as I could see this look easily styled with one in Kelly green or perhaps a bright pink. Whatever color you choose to coordinate with your tie-dye, just have fun and opt for something that makes you smile.

5. Dangle Earrings

I usually keep earrings pretty simple and while hoops are classic, I wanted to pick something that had a little more to it since I wasn’t going to add a necklace. A fun dangle earring provides some extra visual interest without clashing with the tie-dye. There are so many great options out there or you may even have the perfect pair already in your jewelry box.


If you’re still not sure about jumping headfirst into the tie-dye trend there are many other ways to more subtly incorporate it into your daily style. Below are some fun, but subtle tie-dye options!

Your turn! What item is your favorite? Will you be giving tie-dye a try?