Pretty Profile – Meet Helena!

Welcome to our Pretty Profile where we will be featuring one of our amazing GYPO Style Challenge Pretties! Have you been curious about the GYPO Style Challenges but you’re not totally sure what they’re all about? In short, they are a resource, a learning tool, a confidence builder and a gateway to meeting some amazing women! Not only are you receiving the benefits of knowing what you’re going to wear each day, but even more than that, you also have the benefit of meeting the most amazing, supportive group of women in our private Facebook group. They just have so much to offer which is why we asked some of our Pretties to share with us what the Style Challenges have meant to them. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring some of their answers in our Pretty Profiles.

Meet today’s pretty, Helena B.

1. What ‘season of life’ are you currently in?

I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom to two tweens, aged 9 (going on 16) and 11.

2. What led you to try out a GYPO Style Challenge?

I stumbled on Alison’s blog and absolutely loved her casual-classic style – one of the few “mom fashion” bloggers I found who was super-fashionable for REAL life – so once I realized she had a challenge that could help me emulate her style, it was a no-brainer.

3. What’s your best advice for first time Style Challengers?

Don’t be afraid to make it your own! If you don’t like a certain color or style, substitute it with something more appropriate for your taste or needs. View the challenge as a template which you can customize any way you want – the community loves and will celebrate your creativity! Take your time shopping, and don’t feel pressured to have every piece. Most importantly, have fun! It gets easier and more natural with every challenge 🙂

4. What piece from your closet do you feel your best in?

Currently, I’m loving my cozy knit long gray cardi, a striped t-shirt, a navy fine-knit sweater, and taupe ankle booties – all challenge buys! But I can honestly say there is nothing in my closet I don’t feel good in anymore.

5. What are your favorite stores to shop?

I love the Gap and Banana Republic – most of my clothes are from those two stores. I find some great pieces at Old Navy, Joe Fresh and H&M. I love Target, but don’t shop there much since we can only order online in Canada 🙁

6. How has GYPO Style Challenges impacted your life?

I have fewer clothes but more actual outfits, and I never, ever get caught feeling like I have “nothing to wear”, whatever the occasion. I never shop between challenges anymore – so I’m saving money on clothes too. Most importantly, I feel like I have a modern, up-to-date but classic style that makes sense for my life and that I feel good in!

7. If you are an annual member, what was your favorite benefit of the annual membership?

I became an annual member for 2017, and I loved knowing that my wardrobe for the year was taken care of – no stress about clothes this year for me! I loved getting to know the ladies in the group better as each challenge went by. The “Re-discover Me” challenge was an unexpectedly huge bonus – this challenge helped me set the year off on the right foot, and I come back to it anytime I feel a little off-track or unmotivated. I will definitely be an annual member again in 2018!

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