Pretty Profile – Meet Tammy!

Welcome to our Pretty Profile where we will be featuring one of our amazing GYPO Style Challenge Pretties! Have you been curious about the GYPO Style Challenges but you’re not totally sure what they’re all about? In short, they are a resource, a learning tool, a confidence builder and a gateway to meeting some amazing women! Not only are you receiving the benefits of knowing what you’re going to wear each day, but even more than that, you also have the benefit of meeting the most amazing, supportive group of women in our private Facebook group. They just have so much to offer which is why we asked some of our Pretties to share with us what the Style Challenges have meant to them.

Meet today’s pretty, Tammy S.

1. What ‘season of life’ are you currently in?

Just turned 50 and I am struggling with almost being an empty nester. Never thought that would happen but it’s real life. After being a mom for 26 years, I am working on figuring out the next chapter. It’s hard but very exciting!

2. What led you to try out a GYPO Style Challenge?

I had been following GYPO and thought about trying one but never did. After seeing the annual membership sale last year, I decided to give it a try!

3. What’s your best advice for first time Style Challengers?

You can try new things and still stay true to yourself. You don’t have to purchase everything. The Facebook group is amazing and you will get so much out of participating with all of the other incredible women of all ages in the group.

4. What piece from your closet do you feel your best in?

Right now my new Blank NYC jeans.

5. What are your favorite stores to shop?

Loft and Target

6. How has GYPO Style Challenges impacted your life?

I have always loved fashion and have a pretty decent wardrobe but I wasn’t wearing any of it on a daily basis. I didn’t realize how much I was wearing athletic wear until I joined the challenges and started getting so many compliments. The eye opener was when someone said, “Wow, you’re dressed again!”

7. If you are an annual member, what was your favorite benefit of the annual membership?

I like purchasing up front and then not worrying about it again and I like being able to see all of the outfits right away.
You can learn more about Tammy at her blog Small Gestures Matter where she shares tips for creating an inviting home!

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