Print Shoot Style

The entire time this post has been sitting in my drafts, I’ve had the song “Gangnam Style” running through my head.  Every time I read the title “Print Shoot Style”, I’d sing “Heyyyyy, sexy lady, Op, Op, Op, Op, Op, Oppa Print Shoot Style”.  So now that you know I’m a complete dork, on with the post!

I have to admit, not much of my style knowledge was ingrained.  No, no, no.  Growing up, my mom’s sense of style consisted of black pants with solid tops, EVERY DAY.  And well, I’m not very creative either.  The only way I acquired any fashion sense was from reading a lot of magazines and working on and off as a print model/actress for the past ten years.

Honestly my favorite part of a shoot whether it’s print modeling, commercials or film is always hair/makeup and wardrobe.  I mean why wouldn’t it be?  It’s the only time this mom gets to feel like a pampered princess while everyone is fussing over ME.

True to type, I’m almost always cast as a mom.  Which is cool because I get to have others dress me up and create outfits that I can copy for my own every day.  Here’s a selection of some of the shoots I’ve worked on over the past couple of years, along with some commentary.

American Standard/Trane – This is a print campaign that appeared online and in their product brochures.  It was a fun two day shoot done at a sleek, modern home in Dallas.  Most of the clothes on this shoot were too big for me.  There’s a big ole clip on the back of this shirt to keep it from swallowing me up.  Thank goodness this was only shot from the waist up because the pants were saggin’!

Film Shoot – This was one of my very favorite roles I’ve ever been styled for.  It was a period piece set in the 60’s and my hair, makeup and wardrobe was to die for!  Most of the wardrobe was either vintage or special order from Italy created to be exact replicas of outfits of the day.  This pink dress below was one of those special order pieces.  The shoes, belt and necklace were all vintage.  This updo took almost an hour to create.  It was beautiful but I’m so glad that hairstyles are much simpler nowadays. 

James Avery Jewelry – I styled myself for this shoot – hair, makeup and wardrobe…all mine!  Not too shabby for not being a professional.  🙂

Learning Resources – This shot appeared on the cover of their catalog a couple of years ago.  The makeup artist went with very light makeup as I’m supposed to be a teacher.  When my kids saw it, they asked why I wasn’t wearing any makeup.  I kind of like the natural look.  My hair was anything but natural though, it had so much hairspray.  It literally was shellac-ed to my head!

Pier One Catalog – Another self-styled shoot.  I had just come from an audition that required big hair and red lipstick right before this shoot.  I combed my hair out, toned my makeup down, threw on some jeans, a t-shirt and flats and VOILA! Instant mom.  This shoot ended with a cupcake frosting battle between me and my fake daughter.  It was a blast!  It’s Your Turn:  What has been your biggest fashion influence?  Where did you acquire your sense of style?  Tell me in the comments!

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