Rediscover Me: My 28 Day Challenge to You

In case you haven’t already picked up on this, one of the things that lights me up more than anything else is helping women live prettier lives in EVERY possible way. When I say prettier lives, this can mean anything from more quality time with loved ones to wearing an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks to traveling someplace on your bucket list. It basically means anything that makes YOUR life more beautiful and brings more joy to your days.

Way back before I was blogging, I wore quite a few different hats. One of the most fulfilling was that as a life coach. Working one-on-one with women to unlock their potential, define their goals and support them on their journeys was some of the most rewarding work I’ve done. I knew when I started GYPO that I wanted in some way to weave this deeper work into my mission. Yes, how we dress has a powerful impact on our confidence but there’s also a deeper component to it. It’s about how we value ourselves and show up in the world.

A few years back I created a life coaching challenge for the GYPO community called Rediscover Me. It’s a 28 day challenge created from feedback collected from my private coaching clients on the most beneficial coaching exercises and techniques. I took their responses and broke it down into bite-sized daily chunks. When Rediscover Me first launched, it was a paid program but I quickly realized that I wanted it to be something available to everyone and cost shouldn’t be a factor. So for the past few years the Rediscover Me challenge has launched live every February for the GYPO community absolutely free. All you have to do is join HERE to get in on it.

Here’s what to expect in the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge:

  • A step-by-step guide to gain satisfaction, confidence and clarity in key areas including goal setting, self care, appearance, health, wellness, personal growth and relationships.
  • Daily videos and exercises to inspire you to dig deep and create lasting, positive change.
  • Printable PDF’s and journaling exercises based upon my most effective life coaching techniques for women.
  • Weekly accountability and focus forms that you can continue to use even after the challenge ends.
  • Group support and accountability in our Rediscover Me community.

This challenge might be for you if:

  • You’re ever felt like somewhere along the way you’ve gotten so busy “doing life” that you’ve lost yourself.
  • You’ve spent so much time taking care of everyone else that you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself.
  • You have a vague sense that you’re out of touch with who you really are and what matters to you but have no idea where to start.
  • You’re ready to have rock solid confidence and a sense of who you really are.
  • You’re stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out of it.
  • You’re wanting to rediscover a sense of your identity outside of your typical roles of mom or wife.
  • You’re an empty nester ready to reinvent yourself. You may have a vague sense of what’s next but aren’t really sure.
  • You’re an at-home mom who feels so caught up in your day to day taking care of the family that you’ve forgotten what matters to you.
  • Most importantly, you’re ready to dig deep and DO THE WORK. This course is called a challenge for a reason. It’s intensive and life changing.

The four week program focuses on these areas:

Week One – Defining What Matters

Goal setting in the areas of self-care and appearance, healthy living and wellness and personal growth and relationships.  Eliminating tolerations.

Week Two – Self Care/Appearance

Self care maintenance schedule, getting rid of what doesn’t fit or flatter, learning to affirm yourself, putting your best face forward, upgrading to a first class life and more.

Week Three – Healthy Living/Wellness

Baby steps to healthier living, finding and doing an activity you love, nutrition and hydration, preventive maintenance and your personal health plan.

Week Four – Relationships/Personal Growth

Developing a gratitude practice, relationships inventory, personal growth plan for the year ahead, how to have more fun in life and discover what you love.

Each week also includes one implementation day plus a worksheet to set your intentions for the week ahead. There’s also a private Facebook group where I post a daily video and have discussions on the topic. This is also a great place for accountability and support for your goals!

Rediscover Me kicks off on February 1st. Be sure to sign up for free HERE and I’ll see you in the Facebook group!

P.S. Can you do me a HUGE favor? Share this with anyone you’d like to do the challenge with. The more women we can reach, the better!