May 8, 2017 - Easy Outfits, SAHMonday, Style

SAHMonday: Yellow Tee and White Jeans

Welcome to another edition of SAHMonday – weekly outfit inspiration just for the stay at home and work from home moms of the world (like me!) who aren’t heading out of the house on Monday morning.  You can check out the other outfits in this series here.

These outfits are perfect for when you want to feel comfortable, yet put together, so that you can face the day and any errands you may need to run.  Plus, most of these outfit formulas can be pulled straight from your closet.  If you don’t have my exact pieces, that’s ok.  Just use one of the substitutions that I recommend.

Just the Basics – Yellow Tee and White Jeans

I think I’ve said a time or two (or ten) that at the heart of it all, I’m really just a basic t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  That’s what you’ll find me in about 99% of the time. That’s also one of my struggles with being a “style blogger” (which I don’t really consider myself, btw). There are only so many variations of t-shirts and jeans that I can create and keep interesting!

This is one of my classic Alison outfits. I pick a t-shirt and jeans and then try to elevate it a bit with some fun earrings and sandals. This outfit formula works like a charm for me every single time. It’s also one of the classic outfit formulas I often put into the GYPO Style Challenge because it just plain works and can be replicated so easily with other pieces in your closet.

 Yellow T-Shirt + White Jeans + Black Sandals




[Yellow Tee (sold out): Similar/White Jeans:  Same/Earrings:  Similar/Wrap Bracelet:  Same/Sunglasses: Same/Sandals (sold out):  Similar]

Substitutions and Shopping Options: 

Yellow Tee:  Any bright tee or top.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

White Jeans:  Any white jeans or denim shorts.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Black Sandals:  Any pair of black sandals.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

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  • Debra Graham

    You are cute as a button Alison. I cannot do that holes in the jeans thing. My blessed mother was raised with a “coal miner’s daughter” background and had to wear patched clothes. She worked so hard I would never have to wear torn clothes. So I honor her this Mother’s Day and will substitute my white skinny’s with NO HOLES! No criticism of you at all, just honor and love for my precious mother

    • Debbie Allen

      I agree, and I agree!
      Alison is adorable and I can’t do the holey jeans either.

    • I cant do it either..

      • Yvonne Cutler Huffaker

        if the holes are in the wrong places, my “fluffyness” pops out!

    • Thank you. I love this Debra. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • love this look. I can not do the hole look on jeans and stuff, I always pick at them, or think they will get worse. I don’t know how some wear the hole near the butts…hahaha. I would go insane. You look so cute!

  • Aimee Walters

    Cute outfit! White jeans are a definite staple item in my wardrobe. I own about 3 pairs in different styles and lengths.

  • Lori

    I love this outfit. You do a great job making something so simple look so great.

  • That bright yellow top is so beautiful with the white denim! Love this bold spring look! Thanks for sharing at the link-up with us!

    Trendy & Tidy

  • Love the simplicity of this combo. And I always learn something new. I would have never thought to put black sandals with that outfit, but it looks great! That’s why I follow you…you instinctively know what I have to watch and learn from you about. Thanks for sharing your passion and fashion know how with us!

  • mummabstylish

    A great look, but I agree with Debra not ripped jeans for me, I just feel too old! I’ll leave that to my daughter – lol. Nice to link up with you. Jacqui

  • Yvonne Cutler Huffaker

    I love that you are so real… and that’s why you are the ONLY “fashion” blogger I have ever been able to follow. You show us how to look real and still be cute! That other stuff might be great for a weekend away, but at a PTA meeting? Or even at my College Campus office? No way! Thanks for helping me get dressed every day, and get compliments almost as often!

    • Love this Yvonne! Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I’m so happy you have found it useful.
      You are welcome.

  • I love the bright yellow t-shirt! It looks fab with the white jeans and those gorgeous earrings! Thanks for linking up to Style With a Smile 🙂

    Emma xxx

  • D W

    I usually don’t wear shoes with ankle straps because I feel like they make me look shorter. (I’m 5’2″) What are your thoughts on this, Alison?

    • The strap will draw attention to your ankle, which is the slimmest part of the leg, and can help make the leg look longer. Definitely go with what you feel comfortable wearing. 🙂