Spring 2020 Trend Scouting Report

Hi Pretties! I’m so excited because I get to finally talk about spring trends. Over the past month, I’ve been dropping little cues and clues here and there about spring and what’s going to be on the shopping list for spring if you guys participate in the style challenges. I’ve been talking a little bit about trends with that, but I haven’t really gotten too in-depth yet and there are a few reasons for that. First, I feel like I didn’t really get a full handle on what the spring trends were going to be until the past few weeks. I’ve been seeing more stuff in stores and online and I’m finally starting to get a good vibe on what the color trends are going to be, what the pattern trends are going to be and what the silhouettes are going to be. For even more details about spring trends, check out my Coffee Chat below. 

Spring 2020 is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, I feel like the trends I’m seeing are actually more of recycled classics. We’re seeing a lot of classic pieces that we’ve seen in past spring seasons. There’s a lot of stripes and florals, also some nautical vibes and some boho vibes too. Those things are coming back but we’re also seeing some carryover trends from last year. You’re going to see some things from last spring and last fall but overall, I’m not really seeing anything that just jumping out at me and saying “this is a new tread for spring 2020.”  With that said, let’s jump into the trends that I am seeing for spring!

1. Color Trends

We’re seeing everything as far as color trends this spring which should make everyone happy. The past few years it feels like the color trends have been a little bit polarizing. Previously we’ve been seeing specific colors like Rust and Tobacco that were big in the fall and that was something that not a lot of people got on board with. We also saw a lot of bright yellow, which was another one that people were kind of on the fence about. But this spring, I’m seeing everything from the Pantone color of the year which is a pretty blue as well as poppy red and lots of pastels. Really pretty sun-washed pastels are everywhere! I feel like whether you’re a warm or a cool or whatever your color preference is, there’s going to be something out there for you this season that you’re going to love!

2. Floral Trends

Florals are everywhere, way more than normal. We’re lots of little ditsy florals. When I say ditsy floral, it’s a smaller pattern. I’m seeing not as much of the big, all-over floral pattern. This year it’s more subdued. You’re going to be seeing tons of floral options this year and if you don’t have a floral top, you’ll want to get one and if you don’t like floral that’s okay too. There’s plenty of other printed top options out there that you can substitute for it. 

3. Nautical Trends

Nautical is something that we see pretty much every spring in some form or fashion. I’m seeing lots of striped tops, and you all know how I feel about striped tops, but I’m also seeing lots of Kelly green and also all kinds of little sailor elements like little gold buttons across the shoulders or other little nautical touches. I’ve also been seeing different kinds of sailor pants coming back in style. Like I said previously, this is one of those trends that I’ve seen recycled for this spring.

4. Snake Print

Yes, it’s back for another go-round and snake print is really good for spring because it’s a lighter colored neutral. You know leopard has my heart, but snake print is, dare I say, more of a neutral because it’s lighter. It would pair up great with your white jeans or your blush colors or even other lighter color items. I think snake print really lends well to transitioning into spring weather. 

5. Olive

I have seen a ton of olive and khaki green in stores from tops to pants to dresses, you name it. I love all olive because it is a neutral. You can wear it with almost every pattern and color and it gives you a great alternative to denim. I dress casually almost every single day of my life and I get bored with my regular denim so olive is a really nice alternative to that. If you don’t have some olive pants then that’s something you might want to add to your wardrobe. I think they are a really good closet staple, too. If you have a classic pair, and by classic pair, I mean ones that are simple in design without a lot of pockets or embellishments, then you’re going to keep them for years and they’re not going to go out of style. 

6. White Sneakers

All right, so white sneakers are really big for spring. I’ve had them in the style challenges over the past few years and they are always popular this time of year. However, this year they seem to be even bigger and they are getting paired with everything! I’ve seen them with everything from dresses and skirts to you name it. So get yourself pair white sneakers, not only are they on-trend, they’re really comfortable too!

7. Denim

I’m seeing all kinds of denim trends out there. Everything from acid wash to high rise, wide leg, to straight leg, distressed jeans and boyfriend jeans. You name it, it’s popular right now. You really can’t go wrong with whatever denim style you choose. With so many options now is a great time if you need to update some jeans in your closet or maybe you’re still searching for that perfect pair of jeans or you just want to try a new silhouette. And don’t forget about colorful jeans too. I’ve seen bright pinks, light pinks, bright yellow, every color of the rainbow. They are great to work into your rotation every once and while to have something different. 

8. Polka Dots/Ditsy Patterns

I talked earlier about the ditsy patterns and I know a lot of people maybe aren’t familiar with that particular term. Just Google Ditsy Pattern and you’ll see tons of examples. In addition to the ditsy prints are polka dots. You’ll be seeing a lot of those smaller patterns in everything and they are just perfect for spring.

9. Denim Jackets/Utility Jackets

Denim jackets are a great layering piece and you can usually wear them indoors which makes them the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. You’re going to see blue denim but I’ve also seen white and light pink denim jackets as well. A classic blue denim jacket is also a closet staple that you’ll get use out of year after year. Not only are denim jackets huge for spring but utility jackets as well. I’ve seen utility jackets in so many different styles which is why I’m using the term utility loosely. They are that olive and green khaki lighter material but their styles vary so there’s truly something out there for everybody. If you don’t have a lightweight utility jacket yet, now is definitely a good time to get one.

10. Boho

We’ve seen lots of boho blouses and skirts and all kinds of stuff for the spring season. Adding a little something to your closet from this trend is an easy way you can refresh an outfit. Maybe add a flowing top or add some fun earrings. Especially if you have great closet staples, adding a simple boho piece can just enhance what you already have.

Bonus: Spoiler

I wanted to share with you a sneak peek from the Spring 2020 Outfit Formula’s Capsule Wardrobe and something that really tested my comfort zone. I saw this beautiful pink pleated skirt and while I loved it I didn’t think I would wear it. I decided to take the plunge and ordered it and I absolutely love it! I decided to pair it up with a striped shirt and of course top it off with my denim jacket. I even tried this look on with white sneakers and I love it!

Denim Jacket / Striped Top / Pink Pleated Skirt / White Sneakers

Your turn! What spring trends are you excited about? Which of these classic trends do you already have in your closet?

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