Spring Style Me Challenge Outfit Two

Spring Outfit 2

Bright Cardigan + Button Down + Skinny Jeans + Statement Necklace + Neutral Flats

Today’s look is all about the layers.  You can choose to tuck your shirt in and wear a belt or leave it out.  A leopard print belt would look great!  If you only bought one button down and wore it yesterday, feel free to swap out today’s for the white t-shirt or any other shirt.  You may also choose to do this if you don’t want the bulk of layering a button down under the cardigan.

As always, feel free to accessorize how you want to make it your own or experiment with cuffing your jeans with flats.

Pretty Style Tip of the Day: When wearing a statement necklace with a collared shirt, you can choose to wear it under the shirt (left) or over the collar (right).  Try it both ways to see which one you prefer.

Statement Necklace Two Ways